Test purchaser roles with Age Check Certification Scheme



Why work for Age Check?

  • Supporting young people with the start of their career.
  • Having the courage to shape the world we operate in for the good of children and young people.
  • Being brilliant at what we do and a font of knowledge about age check laws and best practise.
  • Acting honestly, impartially and inspiring the confidence of others.
  • Fostering a safe space where people can thrive and develop to be their very best.

Age Check Certification Scheme - Who we are.

The Age Check Certification Scheme is an independent 3rd party certification scheme for providers of age-restricted goods, content or services. We test that age check systems work. The scheme can be utilised to provide full conformity. We've built a state of the art Age Check Test Studio where we can scientifically examine age check systems and equipment in different environments and using hundreds of presentation attack instruments to ensure that all appropriate anti-spoofing controls are in place. We've also developed a specialist Age Appropriate Design and GDPR Certification Scheme designed specifically for those providing age-restricted goods, content and services.