Who wants to work whilst completing their degree? Sometimes it’s not an option. Balancing work and studies becomes another stressful task, which can easily affect your performance. For students, the best option is to find a flexible, low-responsibility job with a decent wage. The question is where do you begin looking? Here’s a list of 4 of the best places to find work during term-time.

1. Discover what is right under your nose

The student’s union, the library, the help desk, the student shop, pretty much anywhere you can ask for a student job in the university, is worth asking. The hours are highly flexible and will fit nicely around your timetable and the work won’t impact your studies. Also, the fact that you’ll be at the university more, might even encourage you to do more studies before/after your shifts. If you don’t want to work for the university, then chances are your uni will have a careers help desk, where you can find out advice on applications, writing CVs, interviews and cover letters. They may even have contacts to current student jobs going at the present time, to help you find that job that suits you.

2. Browsing those stores

Working as a sales assistant or in a stockroom within retail is a low-stress job for students. With so many retailers constantly hiring, you should be able to snap up a job pretty fast. Depending on the company you work for, your contract may vary on flexibility, but usually jobs within retail are quite flexible. Also, many retailers hire seasonal staff for busier periods such as Christmas. So if you’re just looking for temporary work outside of term-time, these types of job may be perfect for you.

Bonus Top Tip: Department stores and supermarkets are good places to start looking.


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3. Call on me

Hospitality work is popular with students, due to the flexibility it offers. You’ll be able to have a say, in which shifts you work and where you work. The pay can differ depending on each event you cover, however, you are usually informed of the hourly rate before agreeing to the shift. These shifts can be quite tiring, however, if you like working in different places and attending free gigs/events, then agency work may be perfect for you. Face to Face

For the most flexible shifts without going through an agency, restaurants, cafes and bars, may be your best option. However, keep in mind that most places will require you to do late shifts, especially in bars work. These type of tasks are simple and stress-free, which makes this job perfect for not interfering with your studies. Advertisements can be found online, but taking it upon yourself to go on to the restaurant/bar/café itself, is always worth it as they may not be advertising.

Quick tips:

  • Apply in advance The response process may take a while and it gives you a better chance in terms of the competition.
  • Salary concerns – Consider employers who are registered with the Living Wage Foundation. This is a charitable foundation which sets their minimum wage based on living conditions.
  • Know your limits - Consider how much time you can give to that job role you’re applying for. Be on the lookout everyday as new job positions are posted hourly.
  • Be up-to-date with your paperwork- Make sure your CV is up to date and your cover letter and interview skills are re-freshed, so you’re ready for anything.

Sian Filcher (19) Undergraduate Student, Goldsmiths - University of London

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