Finding that perfect student job, where to start?

You've applied online, sent countless resumes through the post but to no prevail. Don't worry, it's not the end of the world.

It's troubled times, we are facing, with millions of unemployed, benefit caps and the rise of tuition fees. It never has put so difficult to find a student job, but here at StudentJob UK , you can start your search before embarking on one of the most educational journeys That you will experience.

Just remember, it's a valuable experience that will help you get a better job later on in life. The bonus is that you could potentially earn a bit or extra cash on the side too.


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• Create a Smashing CV - It's important to grab your employer's attention at first glance. This is a chance that you can express yourself and all your experiences and attributes, allowing the employer to really get to know you before meeting you face to face. You can show skills such as creativity and passion throughout your resume. Let your personality shine through it.

Bonus Tip: Whatever you do, you must not lie as it could be backfire when you are called in for an interview .

• Networking is key - Start off with speaking with friends, family and your careers department at your school or university, to find out if they know if anyone is recruiting.A lot of jobs are never advertised and are normally communicated by word of mouth. In addition, by using your careers department, they may have local business connections, who may be offering student jobs, so it is worth the look.

• Fill in forms - Filling forms out may sound boring, but it can really help when it comes to applying for jobs, which may not be advertising any jobs through usual channels. This also shows the employer you have tasks the time and effort to apply for a vacancy and shows you have a passion for work there. Recruitment managers are more than likely to read your application compared to hundreds or resumes they get every day.

• Door to Door -One of the most effective methods is to go through with your resume and just ask if they have any Jobs, This may be better for part-time jobs that are local to you. For example, waiting and bar jobs in your local cafes, restaurants and bars. Retail use to be very similar however the majority of their recruitment is now done online. Nevertheless why not give it a go, there is no harm in trying.

• Pick up the phone - It is important you know that jobs are not going to end up in your lap, as resin sounds, you must be ready to go that extra mile. Why not try calling businesses directly using a local newspaper or directories. There are thousands of employees out there to call.Don't be afraid or a little knockback. Be polite, honest and straight to the point but also highlight the fact what you bring to the table and why that company needs you.

These tips can guide you towards your dream job, so use them wisely. Don't forget, if you get a setback, don't stop trying!

Shak Hakim, Founder of StudentBlock

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