Christmas is the only time of year where you can be merry, without anyone judging you. Drink unlimited amounts of mulled wine without being judged, and dressing up as Santa with the expectation of judgement. Is it for the university SU Christmas party? How many of you can really survive the remaining weeks at university, as the dreaded end of term essays comes calling? Fear not, I have six top tips that will help you stay focused and one-step closer to enjoying your Christmas break.

Addressing ‘that’ essay

We all get that tingling feeling walking up and down Oxford Street as the sound of a poorly sung rendition of Rudolf plays in the background. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend all day avoiding that essay shoved at the back of your desk and your mind, hoping it will magically get done. Research and planning are essential for writing a well-written essay. So if you are struggling, seek help from a tutor or at the library where drop-in sessions are a really good source of guidance.

Be organised

Have you returned all your books to the library?

Has your essay been handed in on time?

Have you booked an appointment to see your tutor?

Believe it or not, organisation plays a big part in the success of your Christmas break. If you choose not to organise your time wisely, you may just find an unwanted email for a resubmission request in your university inbox in January.

A quite library = A happy mind

If working on an essay or coursework is too distracting in the daytime, take advantage of longer hours at the university library. Library facilities are often more accessible later in the evening, which means minimal noise and no distractions.

Important: Stay safe and always tell someone where you will be if studying late in the evening.


Girl working on computer

Take a break

At some point leading up to Christmas, you will fight many urges. Free mince pies in the SU bar, hot chocolate in the canteen and my personal favourite, peppermint candy canes on the university tree. Don’t feel you can’t enjoy anything because you have work to finish. It is ok to take a break from time to time, we can only concentrate for so long, so take a 5-minute break every half an hour and enjoy!

Put a limit on Christmas Socials

From the netball team to the footballers, to the group that meets twice a week to discuss board games. Every university social is certain to have some sort of party to celebrate the end of term, but be careful. The lead up to Christmas is notoriously busy, so don’t enjoy the Christmas cocktails too much because you have deadlines!

Christmas treats and what not to eat

Being tempted by a box of Celebrations or Quality Streets on entrance to the lecture hall is more common then you might think at the end of term but with unlimited goodies, comes a lack of concentration. Try and keep a balanced diet while revising as a good old fashioned, unwanted toothache, isn’t helpful to anyone with a 4,000-word essay.

So stay focused this semester, get those assignments done and dusted, so you can have a carefree Christmas break.

Nike Akintokun, 19 / Undergraduate, University of the Arts: London College of Communication

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