Top 5 things a student realises around Christmas time

Christmas is the time of year for joy and celebrations. It is a time best spent finishing your first term of University, and looking forward to going home to a work free life. However, the reality is that in University it is never that simple. Here are the top 5 things a student realises around Christmas -

1. How much work you have left

Every student thinks when it comes to Christmas, they become more free from the work they are doing. A lot of the time it is the opposite. The work around that period of time just seems to pile up a lot more and it never seems like it ends. The closer you get to Christmas, the more you start thinking about deadlines rather than presents. WHAT! Yes I am afraid it is true, It’s even worse once you realise some of the deadlines you thought were for the end of January, are for the day you return! The best thing to do in this period of time is to get your head down and to get as much done as possible, so that you have time for Christmas.

2. How quickly time is passing

It feels like only a few days ago you were out partying throughout fresher’s week, meeting new people and living the free life. Now you’re deep into the year and you’re no longer dressing up. Trying to go to nights out becomes more difficult because you’re always tired, and you’ve gone from dressing to impress, to dressed down with a frown. Only then do you realise how fast the months have flown. Better start appreciating it more and start going to more than 5 lectures next term!


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3. How much money you have spent

The student loan was fantastic when you first got it. Seeing the money flash up in your bank account that day made you feel as if you could throw money in the air and pretend you’re in a music video. A few months on and you’re scraping those pennies together. Budgeting is such an important part of getting through University, especially with the high costs in accommodation on and off campus. A lot of students see a number in their account and think they’re fine, but with all the rising costs constantly, it becomes more and more difficult. Just remember, there’s a lot more to think about than just rent! You better pinch those pennies because with Christmas, comes gifts.

4. How well they can manage their time

You don’t think about this until it comes to coming home for Christmas and all the family are asking questions. All year you thought you were panicking and mismanaging your time, which in many cases true, but as soon as you start explaining the amount of things you got up to alongside studying, it changes your perspective on things. You realise that you’ve been able to keep up a hectic social life, visiting family, going to events, and whatever else has arisen alongside studying and producing coursework. It makes you feel proud, and it also makes that long relaxation over Christmas more worthwhile.

5. How much you miss family

This is for all of you that live out. When you go back home, you don’t always have the same amount of opportunities to go out for whatever reason. There is no longer that sense of freedom that you have been so used to over the last few months. Coming back home not only makes you appreciate time with your family, but also makes you appreciate how much freedom you have outside of your home. The one thing is, home is where the heart is. Once you go home, you are treated like nothing ever changed and you feel the love, that at sometimes under the stress of University, you could do with.

Christmas is a time to enjoy and reflect on a wonderful year. As a student, you may feel as if all year is spent rushing around. It’s the best time to relax, enjoy the time you have with your family, and feel the love that is being shared.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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