Why going to University was the best idea you ever had

For those of you who have chosen University instead of immediately going into the world of work, then check out here why you have made the right decision.

Freedom and independence

Going to University normally means moving away from your parents. Whether this is a few hours away or on the other side of the country, parents are not there to cook your tea, wash your clothes or make sure you get out of bed on time. So all this independence happens very quickly and the realisation that you can look after yourself is inevitable. You learn to love this freedom, as when you’re at home, there’s always some kind of restriction to what you do, with your parents nagging down your ear if you leave a single cup in your room or if you’re in the shower for over 5 minutes. At university what you do is completely down to you….and why wouldn’t you enjoy that?

Get to study something you actually enjoy…

Throughout your school years you’ll have studied subjects, which may not have been your cup of tea. The worst thing about this was that it was compulsory and you have very little choice. Comparing this to university, what subject you do is completely down to you and the majority of universities allow you to take other subjects, alongside the one you’re doing! As you choose your subject, this means the whole education side of university is a lot more enjoyable and you meet a lot of people on your course, who enjoy the same things you do!


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Learn to cook…&


At University you find people who can cook and people who simply can’t…and you will find many are the latter. You may have been used to your parents cooking, your meals made for you every day of the week, but food is a necessity as we all know. So learning to cook is basically unavoidable, so grab a cook book and get learning. Yes, you may have been terrible at the beginning, but by the end of university you’ll have gone from being completely clueless, to making tea for your parents and family back home. Those joint ‘family’ nights with your flatmates may have actually paid off!

Acceptable to go out any day of the week

Going out may not be to everyone’s liking … but students still go out without the consumption of alcohol or simply find other activities to do instead with other like-minded people at the university. For example societies and club, in which you can join, to discover people who have similar interests. However, if you LOVE to go out, you’re not judged on the amount that you do (especially in first year)… even if that is every day of the week. Going out is what comes with university…so you may as well go and enjoy it!

Make the best of friends

This may have been a major worry for those going to University completely on their own and not with your usual friends, who you may have known for a long time. As going somewhere where you literally don’t know anybody is quite terrifying. However you find there is nothing to worry about and there are plenty of places (some very surprising), where you end up making friends, ranging from your flatmates, to your course, to even your favourite club’s toilets. Going from not knowing these people at all, to living with them and spending the majority of time with them. You get to know each other very quickly….and even learn to love their bad habits. Occasionally.

So if you are thinking about your decision on whether to go to university or currently at university and thinking about if it is the right decision for you. Then look at these tips and remind yourself, that university is maybe the best decision for you

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