Aside from the million and one things Brighton has to offer, it’s home to a fab University, that really goes out on a limb for its students. Professional radio and TV studio’s open for all students to use, computer rooms open every day, a library at every campus and so much more. The university is well equipped for students to strive and be able to have everything they need to achieve their best. Not only that - They have lecturers always available with first-hand experience in their area of teaching. Accompanied by guest speakers from all different career fields to inform and help students build their network for their future.

Education Appreciation

The University doesn’t stop assisting its students outside its doors. They give students that extra push by giving placements and internship opportunities, all catering to give students the opportunity they need to put their skills to the test, in the real world.

Make room for fun activities

One of the best parts about being a student at Brighton University is there is also plenty to do when you’re not busting your chops working. They have over 90 different societies you can join, from Buzz radio to help build your future career skills, to my favourite; Cheese and Wine society. Then maybe to ease the guilt of scoffing the all that cheese, you can join the trampolining society. It’s always great to be able to find a society you enjoy, whilst making friends with people who also share your passion whatever it is.


Sunset on the beach

Shop till you drop

Starting at the shopping centre, follow down the quaint lanes and you find yourself on an uncontrollable shopping trip, with the option of your favourite high street stores. To the quirky and vintage clothes and antiques. If you’ve really shopped till you’re ready to drop or you’ve gone out for a stroll with your pals and gals. Then there are various different restaurants and cafés, both affordable and award winning. It’s impossible to not find a cup of tea or something to please your taste buds. You can also explore the Brighton Dome, a museum or art gallery, if its entertainment and culture you’re after. Getting a job here is fab because you can apply to work in places you love and enjoy.

All Night Long

What’s a University without a perfect nightlife to give you that complete experience?
Here we have a notorious nightlife. Again, the town’s diversity having something for everyone is what makes it special. Live Jazz nights, for those funky souls. Audio, for those die hard shufflers. Mesmerist is perfect for those looking for something with its own retro niche.

Food Glorious Food

I’ve never lived anywhere else that’s catered for my every mood and need. Its uniqueness means there is never a dull moment as it attracts all kinds of different people and events. As for the University I’m yet to be disappointed in anything, I’ve found all the support I can ask for. I couldn’t imagine a student not falling in love with the whole package of Brighton and not feeling heart broken when your time here comes to an end.

So why not come down to Brighton and check it out for yourselves. You never know you may be pleasantly surprised.

Nadine Vieira, University of Brighton




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