Day in the life of a Creator at Gik Live!

Interview: Tag MAC charioteer

Nationality: Spanish/Irish

Age: 25

Profession: Creator

Company: Went Live!

Here at StudentJob UK, we managed to get an exclusive interview from a creator of Blue Wine at Gik Live. We got to ask him a number of questions to see what a day in the life of a creator is like.

Describe a day in your job role in one sentence

There is never a normal day, each day can consist of different projects and not one day is the same.

When you arrive at work, what are the first 5 things you do?

The first thing I do is apologize for being late. Then I make tea. I’m in charge of music, so I search for a good playlist to share with my co-workers. Everything that comes after that is totally unpredictable: sometimes I go to the lab or I visit a customer downtown (which is normally a pub or a restaurant, to selling our product). Most of the times, it’s just me creating stuff: posters, label designs, video editing, etc. I am actually not very productive until everyone leaves, at night. That’s when my work really begins, I’m a night owl.

What was your very first job? How did you get this? (And how did you get to the profession and position you are now at?)

My first job role was as a barman in a “chiringuito” by the beach. I hated it, after the first week: I couldn’t really learn much more about it. I have a strong need to for learning new things and creating new stuff. Once I learnt this about myself, I just lived my live accordingly, and eventually I created what is now called blue wine.

What type of job would you dislike the most to do and why?

I’d hate to be in any place where I am not allowed to question and change things from their original state. I’d also hate to work somewhere where people don’t appreciate technology.



Man giving lecture

If you could speak to your 18 year old self again, what would you say?



I’d tell him to learn how stop messing around and start grow up. I learnt this at the age of 23, and I’m now way happier, more productive and healthier. People around you make you, so being kind is the best skill ever. Plus, I’m not really smart with many things: numbers, legal stuff, business strategy, etc. Therefore I really depend on other people and I treasure every second of help I get, so I just feel like being nice.

What is the best thing that this role has done for you? What is the worst?

It has shown me that everything can be done and more. Even if you have no money nor experience. All you need is friends and patience. To be honest, it has done no harm to me at all. I’m financially independent and I do everything that I love doing, on a daily basis. I get to travel and I work with people I´ve chosen to work with. How could this be any better!

If you could do any job, just for one day. What would it be?

I would be a Lumberjack. It’s peaceful and meditative, but also rough and violent. I’d love to be alone in the woods, surrounded by nature. I'd also love to make big trees fall.

What do you enjoy the most about your job? (the coolest, the most fun, the one you enjoy)

I love recruiting. It’s like a very well design process for making good friends. Work is my life, so my co-workers are my friends – meaning I always have a great time working. This is a very important factor to me.

If you had to give advice to a young professional on how to become to gain a job like yours. What would it be?

Don’t specialize. It’s great to be good at something, but never allow that something to become a limitation or a barrier. You should always be free to pursuit your goals, not minding of the area nor the skill set needed. We are always free to learn new things.

Taig Mac Carthy, Founder & Creator of Blue Wine at Gik Live!

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