The Best Secret Santa Gifts for Students

It’s Christmas. The lights on Oxford Street are up and every shop you enter is blasting Christmas tunes out. Feels good, right? The best part of it all, is sharing that festive joy to your friends and family. Especially with the students in your life, that needs a little pick me up. Here are our best Secret Santa gifts to make sure it really is the most wonderful time of the year…

Food & Drinks

When the cold winter chills hit and the assignments start piling up, the best thing a student could need is a warm pick me up. This could be in the form of a big cup of Joe. Giving a Starbucks gift voucher, will help that special student focus on their work, but give them a warm and cozy break.

A home cooked meal is the best thing any student can get. So why not buy a cookbook? Whether your student needs a helpful push with their cooking or a guiding hand into the world of food. A cookbook will serve every student’s needs. Who knows, you might even be invited over for a meal come 2016!

Now this on is a Christmas favourite, a box of chocolates will never go wrong. They will be a handy pick me up leading up to the end of semester, but a great companion during Christmas movie nights. They'll also come in nice packaging and in large sizes. You never know what you might get!


For the always-prepared student in your life, an Amazon gift voucher might be the best thing to get them. With the next semester in the horizon, new books may be on the agenda to read up on during Christmas break. Or, a new piece of tech might be on their radar. Whatever it is, Amazon will have it!


Several presents




Winter is the time of cold weather and dry skin. Keep your student pampered and feeling good with a Beauticology pampering set! With Christmassy smelling products, your student will be in the festive mood and feeling good.

Bits & Bobs

The easiest way to make a student’s room feel ready for the Christmas season is with a packet of Christmas lights. Drape them along your windowsill, your desk, and your doorframe or bed frame - ANYWHERE YOU WANT! You could stick to the traditional fairy lights or try something different, like lights with Rudolph or a snowman on them. Be creative this Christmas!

The best thing about memories is your sensory appreciation of them. So for a good memory of Christmas, gift the smell of Christmas. Scented candles are everywhere at the moment, your only decision the smell and beautiful packaging! Some festive favourites are cinnamon, orange, gingerbread, and winter spice. Spice up your life, with the sweet smell Christmas.

We've got them on our phones and laptops, but an old fashioned physical calendar will do no wrong. No doubt is it easier to pencil in events and assignment deadlines, but the countdown towards the end of the semester becomes even easier!


Another seasonal activity that is the favourite of everyone's is ice-skating. An hour’s worth of fun on the ice, in idyllic locations like the Natural History Museum and Somerset House with your friends is the best way to spend a crisp winter afternoon. Not only are student tickets cheaper, but it will offer a great time with tunes blaring! You could even try and grab a few Club Night skating events if you can!

Another great thing about the Christmas holidays are the movies! Spend all day lazing on your sofa watching them on TV or get out to the cinema! Gift your student with cinema tickets to a movie you know they'd love or a Movie Voucher for them to pick which movie they'd like to see. Either way, it's a treat!

So why not use all this great advice and make your Christmas a fabulous one this year!

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    Great post!

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    Amazing. I totally agree with you Hamada. Yes I know what you are thinking. It is me David Beckham. This info was very useful and I will pass it down to all my kids. So thank you. :)

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    Wow. I had a secret Santa with my family and I did not know what to get them. You saved my life. Thank you. With this I now know what to get them and I know it will mean a lot to that person so thank you for everything. Also that last post of yours was very inspiring and it taught me how to manage my money while in uni. I am in the university of Cambridge studying engineering.

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