An original Christmas budget student recipe

Just because we’re students, doesn’t mean we can’t tuck into a Christmas Dinner to get us in the festive spirit.

As many of you may see on social media, student houses aren’t messing around, when it comes to getting a Christmas feast sorted, before breaking up from university. So I’ve come up with a quick and easy way to get your ‘Christmas on.’ The best way is to give each housemate a dish to prepare.

Obviously, we need a turkey, or any other meat or vegetarian option (if preferred). Who not best to give this responsibility to the mum/dad of the house (yes, we all have one). For this dish, stir in any seasoning you want such as parsley, chives and sage.

Then leave to refrigerate for 30 minutes covered up. After this, you can marinate the meat and leave for 2 hours, or just stick it in the oven for the required time it states on the packaging.

For the housemate that loves Christmas that little bit too much, whilst wrapping themselves in tinsel and singing along with Michael Buble. They can be in charge of the pudding. Why not make it easy for yourself and grab a cheap and yummy Christmas pudding. You can stick in the microwave – gives them more time to decorate your Christmas grotto house and get the secret Santa presents sorted. You could always make a jelly the night before, for a quick easy (back up) pudding too.

Alongside your main dish, you need vegetables. I know sprouts can be a hit and miss so I will take it on the chin, if they don’t make an appearance, that okay. However, make sure you do get some veg in there. For example carrots, parsnips and roast potatoes are easy to prepare. This is a job for the house mate that likes to do lots of different things at once, and a trusted house mate that doesn’t burn the veg ‘accidently’, so that there is none to eat.


Baking cookies

For this, you can either buy frozen veg and cook them in the oven or boil a pan and season your veg that way. Another scrummy way is to part boil your veg and then place them on a baking tray, drizzle them in olive oil and seasoning and cook in the oven for another 15-20 minutes. This will sure impress your fellow elves.


Finally, the dish that you wish you could have every day – pigs in blanket. These can be bought in a supermarket and just need to be popped in the oven, simple as that. Don’t leave this job to the housemate that would eat them all though and make sure you have plenty for seconds or thirds or…

The added touch of stuffing and gravy can be done in the midst of chaos as you prepare your dishes in that tiny student kitchen. All you need is to stir in gravy granules with hot water and heat up some premade stuffing from a supermarket to keep in line with your budget.

Overall, if you put in £3-4 depending on how many there are of you, you can make a scrummy Christmas dinner. That will be sure to put you in the festive spirit and leave you the fullest you’ve been all semester. So put on your favourite Christmas jumper, grab some cheap prosecco and indulge in a meal that will you never forget.

Merry Christmas!

Undergraduate, University of Manchester

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