Come the 1st January, whether it is dealing with deadlines or hangovers, these New Year resolutions should come in handy. You see the month of January and want to curl back under those sheets and hope it goes away fast. Making those New Year resolutions, that you know once January is over you forget about. Well, it may go faster than you think and you should stick to those resolutions as they may make a huge difference! So here are some fantastic tips to cure those January blues and make the most of the New Year.


The Hangover Cure:

For first years, the true test of a hangover becomes all too clear. Waking up for that mid-week 9am lecture is hard enough, but even more so, when you’re actually still drunk. However, how does one avoid such troubles? Drink lots of water. “H-two-oh good god this is what I’ve been missing” is what you’ll think after curing that unquenchable thirst. A New Years resolution in this sense would be to actually just drink as much water as you possibly can. Drink a couple of pints before you go out to ensure that you’re hydrated, take a glass of water to bed with you, so that if you awake in the night, you have your medicine and be sure to do away with junk food and actually go healthy. All the vitamins, the cleanliness of the water in your system all amount to a hangover cure that is all too simple and, best of all, cheap.


Girl holding sparkler


Nobody likes the library, not even the best performing people on your course – they, unsurprisingly, hate it more because they probably spend a lot of time there doing work. So, this means you often spend a lot of time at home doing work, thinking the classic “I’m comfortable here, surely this is the best place to do some work”. Obviously, everyone has their own ways of dealing with their own behemoth essays, but the fact is if you try some new working environments, such as the library. You will find some improvement, not only in your work-rate but also in the quality of your work. So a resolution for all my fellow under-achievers, test the water (not literally) with how different work environments work for you. Even if instead of your room you sit in your living room, you will surely see some difference.


Taking Part in Societies:

Whether you’re a first or third year, you may think it’s all too late for you to join on to any societies. The fact is, university is what you want to make of it. It’s never too late to join a society, I myself only joined my student newspaper in second year (and look at me now, writing this for you!). Societies, as I’m sure you’re aware, are where you’ll meet like-minded people and just invigorate your social life. An influx of friend for life never did any harm now did it? Next year, try getting out there more, meeting people is all very good for your personal wellbeing.

Much like the wise men of the Nativity play, these three resolutions will bring your student life, Frankincense or a first, Gold or a guaranteed hangover-free day, and Myrrh or mates.

Sam Meaghan (20): Undergraduate, University of Portsmouth

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