How to survive halls in your final year

During my three years at university I have lived in halls, moved out of halls, into a flat with two other girls and then moved back into halls. I have to say moving back into halls is probably the best decision I ever made, especially during my third and final year. Living in London, it usually turns out that halls is cheapest option available, if you want to be able to live quite central. I usually find that living zone 1 – 3 is the best idea because you are still able to have a social life and it is easy to get into central London. Surviving halls is a hard thing in any year but moving back to halls in your third year, can be a hard decision to make because you will worry about your flat and who your flatmates will be.

The biggest reason that this was the best decision I have made, is because the third year of your degree (depending on what degree you’re doing) is likely that you will lose some of your student finance. This makes moving back into halls, so much more viable to save some of your money. This is especially true because your bills, internet and everything you have to pay for on top of that, like food and hobbies.

Another reason halls is a great way to save your money, is you don’t have to pay out for something when it goes wrong. For example, if you’re toilet stops working and you need to sort out a plumber, you just need to tell reception. Then within 24 hours there will be someone there to fix it, which will be at no cost to you. On top of you saving money, there is also the security that you know something will get fixed and you don’t have to spend forever waiting for someone to come and look at.


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When I was booking the halls I currently live in, I was able to tell them the year of my degree. I am now in a flat with other people who are third years, spending the same amount of time studying as I do. My flat is always pretty quiet, even on a Friday and Saturday night. This was a huge shock to me. As compared to living in halls in my first year, when Friday and Saturday night meant it was usually party night. Also, the other nice thing about living in a flat where people are in the same year as you, means that everyone is in the same boat. This means you have your own little support unit in your flat, where you can help each through the tough times of final year.


The main thing I have found about surviving halls is to make sure you don’t annoy your flatmates. At the end of the day they are the people you have to live with for 40+ weeks of the year. You will see them more than you will see your own family. They will be the ones who see you at your worst and during your best of times there. They will be your support unit. Yes there will probably be times where you do not get on or situations occur, but at the end of the day, it’s just much easier to be friendly and get along.

Halls is a good way to make friends, whatever year you are in and these people will probably become your friends for life. Halls is practical, usually cheaper than paying for your own accommodation (depending on where you are studying) and they are usually modern and up to date.

So if you are entering halls for the first time or maybe the last, keep these tips in mind and have a fun year!

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