What it's like to work for RateMyPlacement

Here at RateMyPlacement, we love to practice what we preach. As a result, we take on our own placement student every year, in order to give one lucky undergraduate the chance to get a real feel for what it's like to work in a busy, (mostly) professional environment.

Valuable experience for all involved

Not only does this keep us in touch with the demographic we want to reach, but it also allows us to benefit from the different skills and approaches that each new placement student brings to the team. Trust us when we say that we don't just offer work experience for the sake of it.

New members of the team are given the chance to get stuck into a very wide range of tasks and take on real responsibility from day one. We want students who can make a difference, not just cups of tea (though getting the teas in is a good way to get in people's good books).

Tried and proven approach

At RateMyPlacement, we put effort into helping our placement students develop new skills, and as such we expect each new student to put effort into helping the company grow. It's a win-win. What's more, we know this approach works.

How? Because we've currently got four of our previous placement students working with us as full-time employees – that's roughly ten per cent of our workforce. Frankly, we don't think there's a better way of showing just how beneficial placements and student internships are than that.



Office in the morning

A day in the life

So, just what is a day in the life of RateMyPlacement marketing placement student like? Well, it's like the following:

8:30am, social media – many of the students who we want to reach are keen social media users, so we want to make sure that we're promoting relevant advice articles and great placements and internships that they're going to be interested in. This means scheduling the day's posts nice and early…so that we don't forget.

9:30am, team meeting – to make sure everyone's up to date with the company's current goals, we often take a few minutes early on in the week to sit down and chat through each other's projects. This keeps us all on the same page.

10:30am, partnership building – we love working with other companies in this sector who are doing a great job of reaching, informing and helping students to make themselves more employable. As such, we often spend time reaching out to other companies to see how we can work together effectively.

11:30am, getting stuck in – the great thing about being in a small but focused team is that there's always a chance to get out the old elbow grease. We create and distribute thousands upon thousands of guides every year, which means hauling them into the office, wrapping them up and sending them back out again (to schools and universities). Makes a nice change from sitting down all day.

12:30pm, time for lunch – after a busy morning, it's time for a break and a hefty dose of tasty food and even tastier banter.

1:30pm, heading out of the office – whether it's a university career fair, school presentation or checking out a potential awards (or after party) venue, team members often find themselves getting out of the office and travelling around London – or even the whole country.

3:30pm, clearing the backlog – fresh back into the office, it's time to scale the inevitable mountain of emails that have built up and make a few calls to our many stakeholders.

4:30pm, research – to keep your place as market leaders, it goes without saying that you have to know what's going on in the market itself. This means checking out the sector news, learning new skills, sharing articles with the team and generally being commercially-aware.

5:30pm, home (or pub) time – a chance to reflect on a day’s work and look forward to whatever tomorrow brings.

Marketing internships and placements provide a great opportunity for students to gain real-world business experience. RateMyPlacement advertises marketing opportunities along with many other industries, check out the RateMyPlacement website to find out more!

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