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A new job introduces you into a whole different world and is a really exciting experience! Yes, there will be new tasks and challenges but, above all, a new life begins for you. Be ready to meet new friends! 

Are you one of those brave people who have accepted a job abroad or in a different city? Then it’s quite likely that you started wondering where were you going to live just after accepting the job. Finding housing can be easier than you think, just follow these tips and everything will go smoothly.

1. Think of finding accommodation as an exciting part of your job

Finding accommodation, moving house or living alone for the first time are exciting parts of your new job! So the first tip is to enjoy the search. There’s no need to get stressed with renting...If you’re still thinking that there must be some kind of unavoidable hustle related to looking for accommodation, then the following tips will come in handy for you!

2. Take your time to compare housing options

It may be obvious, but it’s not the same to live with roommates in shared apartments for rent, or to have a complete apartment for yourself to relax after work. Living with a host family is also a good option for those who like to feel at home and meet a new family.

Apart from choosing one of these possible options, it’s also a good idea to read a little bit about neighbourhoods in the city before choosing an area to live in, as not always the closest one to the office is the best option. Imagine that you’re working in a real quiet area and you need some bustle to breathe...

Additionally, do not forget to take ample storage space into consideration when comparing your options. This shouldn't be a dealbreaker for you, though, as there is always the option for self-storage. In fact, this is a trend that has been becoming much prevalent in the recent years. The London storage industry in particular, has seen a lot of growth recently as many people in the city have been downsizing their homes and opting for a storage unit for their non-essential belongings instead.   

3. How much are you willing to spend?

It’s no secret that each job has a different salary, so bear this in mind before jumping into looking for housing which is more expensive than your purchasing power. If you look in advance it’s easier to find “bargains”.

4. Use a specialized platform with online booking

One of the main advantages of using a specialized platform is that you can book rooms for rent online in an easy and safe way, before arriving to your next destination. You can choose from thousands of verified options, so you can feel secure, even if you don’t know the city or are unsure with the language if you’re going to a different country.

5. Enjoy

Now that you have your room or apartment for rent, why not make a list of all the new things you would like to try out in the city? Where you would like to go or which activities you would like to try out, for example. It’s also a good idea to find out about the cultural offer in the city. In fact, why not try to gather as many information as you can about your new destination? This way it will be easier to adapt to your new situation. Enjoy your new life!


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