3 Cool trips to take in Europe!

The team at GoEuro have put together three different work & travel journeys that can be made any time of the year travelling by either bus or train. Whether you are a culture vulture, sports-fanatic or simply love spending time outdoors, these trips should set your creative juices running and get you reaching for your passport.

It is the dream of many to fly to Australia, New Zealand or America and spend a year picking fruit and working on a ranch. Although these trips are fantastic, a lot of people do not realise that the same opportunities are also available in Europe where it's possible to travel during the gap between semesters. This will save you a considerable amount of money by not having to pay for a flight down under and you also won’t have to worry about the hassle of obtaining a visa or injections. Moreover, if it all goes tits up, home is just a short plane or train ride away.


Journey One

This first suggested tour takes travellers through seven countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. The trip begins in the student town of Groningen. Here, as in the Hague and Freiburg, work in cafés and bars is possible to find. In more touristic cities such as Vienna, Prague and Warsaw, with a little confidence, you should be able to find a job as a tour guide and get the possibility to feel like a local in a foreign country.

Journey Two

For those who have an affinity with the outdoors, this is an ideal route through the vineyards of France as well as the rolling green hills of the UK, because travelling does not necessarily involve leaving your own country. In both countries travellers can seek a variety of ‘green jobs’, whether that be picking grapes in Chaumont or Calais; working at the farmer's markets in Dover or Bath, or in a classic British pub in Edinburgh or Belfast. Whether you are British or not, this route offers a score of exciting opportunities because there are many things to discover in the UK!

Girl on top of mountain

Journey Three

The sporty ones out there should consider this third route leading travellers to seven different cities down the Atlantic Coast of France and Spain. Those who love water sports can participate whilst getting paid. Win-win right? There are water sports schools and surf camps at Biarritz and Gran Canaria where you can work, when you need a break from the sea there are many job opportunities in Bordeaux and San Sebastian where you can work in a restaurant. This gives you the chance to Mediterranean cuisine. Even if you're not keen on diving into the sea and would prefer to gaze from a distance this trip is incredibly enriching.


Hank W, 25. Tourism Management student.

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