Where Should Students in Leeds Live?

When it comes to deciding upon a suitable town or city to spend the next few years living as a student it’s not all just about considering which courses and educational options are available (or where has the best nightlife!).

Moving away from home can be a daunting experience and it’s essential that you do think carefully about where you’ll be living to help make your student life a little less overwhelming. Leeds is one of the UK’s largest cities in the UK and has a huge student population with more than 35,000 full-time students residing there throughout the year. 

Due to the size of the city, and the number of students, certain areas of Leeds have become hubs for the student population each with their own feel and identity.

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This popular urbanised area of west Leeds is located just a couple of miles from the city centre and has a rising student population from all backgrounds. It features a shopping centre as well as popular pubs and other student hang-outs. There are also plenty of parks and other open spaces for students who like to head out for a run to help clear their minds when necessary.


Although most first year students opt to live in halls during their first year (usually in the City Centre) from the second year onwards many choose to move to Headingley. This popular student area has been housing uni-goers for decades so it’s worth viewing the properties on offer should you decide to move out there at a later date. If you’re interested in house shares, are one of the leading agents in the area and they offer a range of affordable student homes for large groups or alternatively you can check out unipol who are also reputable accommodation providers.

Aside from the areas’ perfectly suitable affordability it also offers students a vast array of entertainment and amenities to enjoy outside of university including various pubs, restaurants, shops, bars and a library. It also has frequent bus and train services to help get you into the town centre.


This well-liked residential area in Leeds offers students a range of housing from choose from. There are detached, semi-detached and terraced housing options here which are also popular with young professionals in the area which means students may also be able to find a house share opportunity. Both the Leeds Trinity University and Park Lane College can be found in the area making it a well located home for students based at either educational centre.


Burley is right next to Headingley and it has the added bonus of being all the more reasonably priced than other student-based areas around Leeds. It’s well located but for its affordability it has fast become a popular live-in location for students studying in and around the great city. There are plenty of local businesses ideal for students looking for work and it also has a Vue cinema for film lovers to enjoy.

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