Ah yes, it’s that time of year; summer is on the horizon and all we can think about is when we will be able to leave behind our boots and coats and find a way to make the most of those precious months.

There are a million ways you could choose the spend this time, but we all know that it is far too easy to fall into the trap of a lazy summer, vaguely meeting up with friends and family and making hollow promises to yourself about handing out your CV.

So we propose something better. Here’s why you should work abroad this summer:

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1. It’s the easiest time to find a short term job

In the spring, employers everywhere are already preparing for the high season. Use the busy season to your advantage! It is more likely to find an internship over the summer than at any other time of the year.

2. Your native language skills suddenly become an asset

You never realised that your ability to talk could be used to get you work experience, did you?

3. Summer internships or jobs can be combined with studies

Students still have the luxury of a free summer; don’t waste that time! You’ll never have a similar opportunity again once you have a full-time job!

4. Your CV will glow with pride

It’s not all about enjoying yourself (although I guarantee that you will); your employability will be boosted by the numerous skills you will attain abroad. Employers will be impressed by your multicultural experience :)

Bonus: The extra effort you have to put into finding a job abroad and integrating oneself into a foreign environment will make all future job-related problems back home seem easy!

5. Holiday destination = your place

Forget a week in the sun; how about a whole summer in an exotic location. Everyone will want to cut down their holiday costs by coming to visit you, and you’ll drift from party to party, holiday-hopping with friends and family. Who could ask for more?

So how do you go about making this dream a reality?

Through the multilingual job board, Europe Language Jobs, you could be sailing towards that sunny destination in no time!

But take note: now’s the time to get your foot in the door as mid-spring is when companies are starting to branch out and seek young professionals for summer internships and jobs.

It is in your hands to build for yourself a foundation of valuable experience, so do not let the opportunity pass you by!

Work in a variety of locations, from Athens to Stockholm, and make this summer the most memorable yet.

Happy summer job hunting!

Europe Language Jobs

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