Studying abroad is usually a synonym for being broke. Most often, we don’t know the language and this is not helping. Thus, bringing home the bacon requires some creativity.

If any of you already moved outside your comfort zone or is about to do so, get ready to eat pasta 5 times a week or find a way to earn some extra cash.

When we are in a totally new city and country, we are missing the two main requirements for finding a job easily: speaking the language and having a decent network.

Applying for a student job can be a little frustrating since the offers will be low paid, late evenings and not that appealing tasks to carry out. If you feel like earning money in a more creative way, get inspired by this post.

Become a guide

When studying abroad we usually move into capital cities where tourism is always bringing money. English speakers can approach a big amount of visitors from many different countries. So, guess what! Your new host city needs you. Look for guide group corporations that are looking for new people. Make good research about the city and get paid for sharing your knowledge.

Sell your skills

If you consider yourself a handy person and have a nice idea for opening a little business, find the right target and start a good campaign that let people know you.
You might be a handyman, hairdresser, beautician, good cook, or have a car to help people moving heavy stuff around. Find a way to help folk, for a competitive price, and you will have some success.

Sell your stuff

We all have too many clothes, video games, jewellery, bags, shoes, books, CDs, devices or gadgets. Start selling them online. Find the right website, make good pictures, proper descriptions and offer killer prices. You won't only earn money but also great space in your cupboard. 

London at night

Rent your stuff

If you feel attached to your personal belongings and don't feel like getting rid of them, try to rent them.
Stuff such as bikes, cars, apartments or just a room, can be of folks’ interest. Always find the safe way of renting them through trustworthy websites that deal with proper rules. Big cities are often crowded with weekend visitors that want to save some coins by renting goods in the cheapest way to enjoy the locality.

Mother tongue language teacher

English is the second biggest language in the world, that means, everybody wants to learn it or improve it. Make yourself an appealing advert and post it on the internet, schools, high schools, universities and cultural centres. Organize groups so you can offer them a nice deal. These lessons will also help you increase your new social network.

Online surveys

When the language is a problem, or even worse, you have no physical hours in the day for accomplishing your goals, working from your computer might be the only way. Taking paid online surveys is easy and convenient. Find the time that fits you better and the most comfortable corner of your sofa, and start earning some pocket money or gift cards for your favourite stores. Remember subscribing only to reliable survey panels.

Look after children

If you like spending some time with funny people, kids are ago. Depending on your calendar, you can offer weekend shifts or maybe weekly late afternoon shifts.
Parents might be interested in finding someone with native English because it will add some extra value to the caring job.
Make sure you are ready for these endless energy people, or else you should consider walking dogs instead.

Living abroad is an explosion of new experiences that will make you gain something priceless: wisdom. So do not be afraid of new ventures, and start organizing your odyssey.

Leticia Ferrer, Content Writer at Survey Bee

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