What are excellent Remedies for stress and personal growth? 

It is exam period at the moment. We all have that moment of a sudden realisation of our exams you have a month until your exam. You begin to panic. Your breath begins to increase when you walk up and down the stairs, you begin to forget vital information and you probably feel inadequate about yourself. These are your first sign of stress crawling into your life. 

Would you like the perfect solution for dealing with stress?

A few steps in Managing your Time 

The biggest fear for students is emotional and mental stress. We all have busy schedules, we hardly have time for ourselves with exams on its way. First, it is best to create a timetable for your week. Give yourself a tea break, your brain needs it right now. Write your weekly schedule down in your diary or on your phone.  This will give you time to prioritise your education and your leisure time. You should really manage your time while studying time with an alarm for or example, 50 minutes revision; 7minutes break. Breaks are very important, your time is precious and so is your hair. You don't want to shed hair or become grey-haired!

Financial Stress 

Money has wings of its own, you have to spend tonnes on books and stationery. The biggest stress can be transport and housing costs. Yes! You should create a budget plan or find an affordable app on your phone to aid in your budget. Remember your loans or grants will not cure your stress. You should really begin budgeting, you will have no regrets. 


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When you begin panting, perhaps you should see your doctor. Afterwards, you should go out for a light jog with friends. I recommend that you exercise at least twice a week. If you have a low budget you can just run around your local park. Run and watch your stress lightly fade away. You are in for clearer skin and a de-stressed solution, mirrored with joy. 

Development Diary 

It is best to know what you are interested in improving yourself. Is it confidence? Or Is it your esteem?  You can grow up in a range of ways. You can attend social clubs and societies at school or university to improve your social skills and confidence. Be optimistic about the diary and be aware of your strengths. Keep persevering in your interests! Never underestimate your growth from the beginning, You should track your goals. You should not compare your abilities with others, you should watch inspirational videos on the web.

Vivian Brown-Esumai, 19. Media Arts student. 


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