Stressed Out? Don’t be. Take a chill pill

Exams. Does this word leave you disgusted? Are you in massive debt having to live off cup a soup? You are not alone. I am here with you. 

That was Michael Jackson in case you were wondering. The final two lines. 

This blog is my first . Around me there books. So many post its and scribbles, that I think I’ve lost track of the world I’m in. What do I need now? Books of course. Books, books and more books. I’m sorry, did I mention books? I meant books. 

I’m sorry. That was insensitive of me. I feel your pain. You’ve got deadlines left, right and centre. Submission dates for pieces of work you didn’t even know were due. Sleeping in lecture halls the whole year, and now the lecturers are laughing at you. You’re super stressed. You hate that friend of yours whose prepared for every single exam that’s coming. You can’t stand their smug face. And that stresses you out even more. 

 I’m one of those hardcore people who camp inside the library. I actually binge on textbooks. I haven’t prepared revision weeks or even months in advance. I am not that smug friend of yours. I work well in stressed conditions. I have a revision plan folks. Do you? Number one for stress reduction. Have a plan. 


Stressed guy using laptop

This short post is about stress management. Stress is good for you. But too much of it can actually make you underperform in your exams. 

  Here are my top recommendations on what to do if you’re stressed:

• Become more social. Join a drawing class, go swimming, go to a pub, go cycling. I recommend pottery. It's not only for girls. Men do it too. Fit another activity around your studying. Just a few, don’t go mad. Its exam season. Queue evil laugh. 

• Music. Now you can be listening to bach or Stromae or Coldplay while you work, to help you be more productive. But sometimes, its just good to close your eyes for a while. Forget the deadlines and tasks ahead of you and just listen to the sound of music as it embraces you. 

• Go for a walk. Walking is said to be good for your health – doctors recommend it all time. That, and it gives you mental clarity and a certain level of focus. You’ll find that the time out to go outside, sniff the fresh summer air to be wonderful in itself. You can also talk to people along your route. Find out what they’re doing, if they need help. Sometimes its good to be random. 

• Play a computer game – I believe that too much technology clutters your mind and thinking. Especially now, since you use most of it in the way of studying. Looking up definitions, Googling theories and looking up powerpoint slides that lecturers left on a particular website. But, having said that researchers have said that playing computer games is mentally stimulating. It fires up the imagination, and therefore improves our cognitive abilities. 

 Going on missions is awesome. And when you reach level nineteen, you want to cry. Your whole life has been set up to achieve this goal. 

  Ateeq K, Materials Engineering

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