So you're finally here! Studies are done for now and a whole year awaits you. But what to fill it with? There are so many ways to spend a Gap Year (not including just sitting on your bed eating chocolate!) 

The world is, as it turns out… really big. Each country has a range of unique experiences on offer. So here's a breakdown of the five things everyone wants from a Gap Year for you to consider when making your decision and finalising plans. 


Learning comes in all shapes and sizes. 


This is a brilliant way of getting a qualification that can help you travel more – and get paid to do it. But more than simply gaining a certificate is the chance to help children from all varieties of backgrounds. As well as changing lives, you can learn firsthand the ways of the country from the people who know it best. It can also be one of the best ways to earn money whilst living abroad!

Summer Camps 

There are plenty of countries that provide summer camps for children, and they always need enthusiastic people to help lead them. Whether you're a dab hand at languages or have a talent for the sport, you can meet children from different countries and gain good experience for the future. 


Indulge your passions and make your gap year one to remember. There are many different courses running abroad on a number of subjects ranging from Conservation to Art History. Whether you're planning on studying it at university or just want a year to do what you enjoy, studying a course abroad for a year can give focus to your travels and a unique way of seeing the country. 


Discover the best that your chosen country can offer. Each country there will be different regions with different cultures to explore! Italy hosts the famous Carnivale in Venice, while Mexico can dazzle you with its infamously bright Day of the Dead. And of course, let's not forget the well known Full Moon Party in Thailand


Long road with mountains in the background



A way to really get your travels under your fingernails is the literally get your hands dirty. Working abroad can give you a unique insight into day to day life in the country. It can also go a long way to making new friends and funding your travels as you go along. 

Another good way of really connecting to a country and its people is to learn the language. From using apps like Duolingo to diving in there with locals and picking up useful phrases, this can help you if you decide to find work but also will be a great addition to your CV when you return from your travels. 


With organisations like Interail, it's a lot easier to travel to multiple countries at a time. If you don't feel like planning your whole trip but have a particular part for the world in mind, there are plenty of tours and programmes which offer a Multiple-Country trip, including the best and brightest of each country. 

Create your own trip based on what you love:
• Famous books
• Historical events
• Inspirational people
Tick dreams off your bucket list by including more than one country into your Gap Year travels. 

Once in a lifetime

One of the most popular and rewarding aspects of your Gap Year is the chance to do something you'd never thought was possible. Well, the sky's the limit!

Sky-dive into New Zealand – and visit the Lord of the Rings tour while you're there (when in Middle Earth...) Experience the Flight of the Angel via zip wire in Italy.

Your Gap year is the year of the unforgettable, so seize the day and don't regret not going for it!


Still confused? At the end of the day, this is your Gap Year. So what is it that you love doing? Fun and adventure are around every corner in every country. We all want the same things for travelling: experience a new culture, have a great time and make unforgettable memories. 

So have a look at these options and the ones you don't even think are possible. Where there's a will, a way and a country, it's possible! 


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