Okay, so you probably hate the fact that I've said 'summer' because fact is - it's a myth here in the UK. However, us Brits know exactly how to look on the bright side of things (even it involves masses of sarcasm) which I've witnessed over the years. Good old Siri never fails to let me know that of course 'yes, we can expect rain in London today'. Instead of groaning about it, which once again us Brits are great at doing, why not embrace it?

Let's rewind a little bit - or for some of you A LOT - back to when you were little, when rain was an excuse to get messy. So, why is it now we find it as an excuse to hide out and observe it instead? We both know the answer to that - we've grown up, but the question I'm putting forward is did we grow up too quickly? Many of us find ourselves going insane over work or assignments, instead of venting out we close it all up. Why? Because, well no one really does know the answer to that do they.
However, I think I've found the answer - let your inner kid out once in a while. This 'Summer' across London and the rest of the country there's bound to be something that will make you feel free again. As young people we feel that nights out, the reason why you're always in the negative at the bank, are the answer to everything. We've all become swamped up in either our books or technology, even worse social media. Ask yourself - 'when was the last time I didn't Snapchat an event?'. This is not our fault because it's the way things are moving forward, obviously, we have to keep with it too.

Two friends

Summer's calling us all to be young again - splash around in puddles, maybe not literally but find the message I'm trying to get to you. Embrace summer WITH one another not the twiddle of your thumbs. Learn more about each other, not through someone’s last tweet but from actually doing something together. This summer I challenge you to be spontaneous, go to a gig for someone/a group you've never heard of. It sounds crazy because you pay to listen to someone you actually like listening to right? But, sometimes the thing you go for is the vibe you get. Am I right?

You may not be from London, but below I've explored what may actually one of the best things you'll do in summer. Don't worry I've kept them cheap or potentially free - so all you'll need is your oyster and your friends:
1) Good old China Town - buffet ALL YOU CAN EAT from £8. Genuinely you could make a day out of this if you haven't already.
2) Remember when we all did Romeo and Juliet in school - well why not see it for £5 at Shakespeare's Globe theatre (standing tickets only)
3) There's loads of free gigs going on at the moment or even music events in and around London. - check out Time Out London.

There's lots on, just remember to embrace the moments - not follow the trend even though it might be tempting. Enjoy your summer however and wherever you all are.

Tiffany Shuru.

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