Everyone gets stressed at times, it’s completely normal and nothing to worry about…that’ll just make it worse. So there are a few things you need to know, first off acknowledge when you’re beginning to get just the slightest bit stressed so you can cure it early before it gets hard to handle. 

Here are a few tips on how to stay calm so you can go to Sixth Form and University, enjoy it, AND get useful qualifications at the end of it. 

• When you are feeling stressed, balance out your day, do a healthy amount of work and make sure to include leisure and relaxation.

• Working more than 8 hours a day is a no go. No matter how much you have to do. If you don’t want a breakdown, don’t exceed it.

• If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone, you aren’t being a burden, chances are they have been through it too. 

• Do some exercise! It is proven to prevent depression, and improve your mood. Do 15 minutes a day and try to get outside into the fresh air. 

• Don’t put yourself down-think positive. Thinking negative will make your mood become significantly worse, so always put a positive spin on situations. 

• Put yourself in an outside perspective looking in on your life-speak inwardly to yourself. This will often make you understand how bad the situation actually is and how easy it is to solve-but you MUST take your own advice! 

• Keep a rough timetable so you have an order to your life when it seems chaotic-it will become easier to maintain. There’s no need to follow your timetable exactly, but this way there are no sudden changes to your life that could add unnecessary stress. 

• Keep your room tidy. Tidy room=tidy mind. Believe it or not, this actually works to have a clear mind, it isn’t just something parents make up to get you to tidy your room.

• Try and stay relaxed. You could try to find a relaxing activity and set time aside for it each day. You could also try getting into the habit of listening to relaxing music. Some find that yoga, meditation and/or listening to relaxation tapes are very helpful in destressing. 

• Rest properly and take time away from where you work in order to properly relax-trips out, walks, etc. 

• Monitor any changes you make in your life, and if they work, attempt to make them permanent (as much as you can anyway). 

• Always finish one task before moving onto another. Otherwise, you’ll have heaps of half-done pieces of work and the stress levels will quickly be racing back up. 

• Don't set yourself unrealistic tasks and/or deadlines. Incompletion may make you feel guilty and upset. If you're unhappy with your work, stop and take a fresh look, and try again with your new perspective on your work. 

• Be sure to stick to a balanced diet, do NOT just stock up on sugar as this will result in drastic highs and lows and breakouts, and no one wants that.

• If you are having nervous breakdowns seek advice and help. 


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Once you are able to maintain your stress, you will be able to stay happy around the clock, and you will be able to let loose. You’ll be able to open your eyes to the world and to nature instead of being trapped in one confined space away from all society. You can then expand your social circle to have all different types of friends that can teach you new things about their way of life and their beliefs so you have a better understanding of life and people. Once you start to learn from your mistakes, you’ll become wiser, instead of turning sour from them. You should also know to broaden your brain and your knowledge-don’t believe everything you hear; become smarter than that. And lastly going out and about, instead of staying trapped inside watching movies and playing games start meeting new people and experiencing new things. Taking all of this in and taking it into consideration will make you grow as a person, and you will, in time, become a lot happier and wiser because of it.

Written by Emily Bennett, aged 17.

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