A lot of people settle for second best. They all say they tried to get their dream career, but really they got rejected a couple of times and gave up.
In order to achieve what you want, you can’t give up. Even if it seems as though you’re going nowhere, and you’re completely wasting your time, you’ll get there eventually.   

First off, you need to do a background check. What qualifications do you need? What work expensive do you need? What is the best way to get into this industry? If you don’t know this then you won’t be going very far. Secondly is actions. It’s all very good and well doing your research, but now you’ve got all the information, you’ve got to do something with that new found knowledge. Go out and get some work expensive, if you’re rejected just keep on trying somewhere else. If you’re persistent, they’ll get sick of you asking and take you on to stop you from asking every week or month. Thirdly, you mustn’t take a breather, while you’re taking time off from getting to where you need to be to follow your career path, someone else is over taking you. If you really want it, you won’t let that happen. 

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It may feel like massively hard work for nothing, but if you keep trying you will get rewarded, and you may not even see it coming. One of the key points is to learn from your failures instead of turning sour because of them. If you get an interview and don’t pass it, ask them why. That way you can figure out what you can improve for your next interview. Don’t get stubborn or sore if you don’t get the job, everyone fails, it happens to all of us, we are only human and can only do our best. If you stop trying just because you get rejected then you’ll get nowhere and end up working in an industry you hate saying ‘what if’, like the majority of people in this world, constantly regretting their choice to give up their chances of their dream job.   

If you really want to succeed then you will, you will have endless motivation to get to where you want to be, and most of all, be happy in life knowing you accomplished what you wanted to. However, if you only half-heartedly want to succeed, you won’t. You will become just another person who says ‘what if’. So keep yourself motivated, and imagine the future you could have if you keep on trying, let that motivate you. With hard work and motivation comes achievements, so just believe you can do it, and if you are persistent, you will do it. If you ever start wondering if this is all worth it, then you obviously don’t want it as much as you think and should put all your focus on something you truly do want. In the end, it’ll all be worth it.

Emily Bennett, 17

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