Are you the sort of person who attends Body Pump classes because you only exercise when a very big, very scary man is shouting at you to keep doing those push-ups?

You’ll love Carrot.

At first glance, Carrot is like any other to-do list app. You put in your items, and as you tick them off Carrot compliments you and gives you points. Points mean prizes, and Carrot, as a sort of Santa-Claus-Siri, will reward you with virtual gifts and upgrades.

But if you’re feeling lazy, and don’t get through your tasks? Then Carrot gets sassy. First, you’re going to get bugged to complete whatever it was you promised her you were going to do, and if you still refuse, you’re going to get downright insulted.

There are other cute quirks as well. Tell Carrot you’re bored and she’ll make up a (very!) random to-do item for you. And if you poke her in her virtual eye…

Don’t poke her in her virtual eye.


This one is for the secret hippies who are also addicted to their smartphones (otherwise known as Generation Y). The premise of Forest is that whenever you want to focus on your work you log onto the app and plant a virtual tree. Work uninterrupted for half an hour and the tree happily grows. But leave the app to check a text or browse Facebook and the tree instantly withers and dies.

In other words, slack off and you’ll become a fully-fledged tree murderer. You monster. 

Girl using phone and drinking coffee  

Habit List

Habit (noun) – A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

Or in other words, once something is a habit you’ll do it easily and without thinking. Not so great if your habit is eating a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes in one sitting. But pretty useful if your habit is waking up early enough to catch the non-rammed commuter train, or to get all your admin neatly filed away by close of play each day.

Habit List helps you create such good habits by tracking your winning streaks and encouraging you to beat your personal best. It’ll give you reminders and show you how you’re doing over a prolonged period of time to encourage (read: guilt) you into actually pulling your finger out.


Are you forever coming across useful websites and articles that you know will be perfect for a down-the-line project but which you immediately forget the URL of? Or have you ever planned to re-read a client brief en route to a meeting only be scuppered by a lack of internet connection?

We’ve got an app for that. Pocket used to be called Read It Later and it does exactly that – with a couple of taps, you can save articles, tweets, news pieces and the like to read at a more convenient time, over any of your synced devices, whether offline or on. Not only is everything you need in one place, Pocket beats its real-life counterparts in another key respect - it’s really difficult to accidentally put its information through the wash.



Headspace isn’t technically anything to do with work – it’s a meditation app which gives you quick 10-minute lessons to boost your mindfulness and up your zen.

The benefit for you in the workplace is twofold. Firstly, short breaks away from your computer boost productivity by giving your brain a chance to reset and recharge. Secondly, meditation itself makes you better at your job by reducing your stress levels, improving your focus and encouraging creativity and innovative thinking.

Plus, Emma Watson is a fan. That makes it pretty much perfect in our eyes.

Bethany Leslie writes for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment firm which specialises in sourcing candidates for internship and giving out graduate careers advice. To hire graduates or browse graduate jobs in London, visit our website.

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