Every morning before work, it is safe to say that nearly everyone follows a routine whether they are aware of it or not. You wake up, wash your face, brush your teeth, get dressed, possibly eat breakfast and then you are out of the door.

This routine might put you in a good or bad mood for the rest of the day, however, to ensure that your day is as productive and as good as can be, these eight things should be done every morning.

1. Wake up on time

Getting enough hours of sleep during the night is essential, however waking up on time is just as important. Hitting the snooze button will not do you any favours as a longer time in bed will only lead to you feeling even more tired and lazy. Getting up and getting ready for the day, without any delays, will put you in the mood for an eventful, productive day.

2. Have breakfast

Despite recent debate questioning whether breakfast is really the most important meal of the day, going to work on an empty stomach or only on coffee will not prepare you for the day ahead. Not having breakfast will in fact only make the day harder for you as your stomach rumbles and the only thing on your mind from thereon becomes food and the lunch break. Having cereal, fruit or even toast will not add a significant length of time onto your morning routine so every morning before work, sit down and have breakfast to ensure that you go into work feeling energised and ready to take on anything.

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3. Plan your day

Before going into work, you may or may not be aware of what your tasks will be, however, it is important to plan your day based on what you do know in order to work efficiently. Note down the time you will get specific tasks done or the names of those you may need to contact for example in a small planner. Planning your day will help you realise what you need to focus on, in turn ensuring that everything gets done, making you as productive as possible.

4. Make a list of goals for the day

When planning your day, you should also make a note of the goals you want to achieve or perhaps need to achieve by the end of that work day. Writing your goal(s) down every morning will help you remember what it is you are working towards whilst getting tasks done, motivating you to work harder or faster as a result.

5. Check emails

It is absolutely vital that you check your emails every morning before work. Your boss may have emailed you during the night to inform you of a last-minute meeting or may have reminded you about something you needed to bring in and the only way you will be aware of this is by checking your emails before work. You do not want to put yourself in the position where you have forgotten something or were not even aware of it due to not checking your emails, however, this does not mean you should worry about something mentioned in an email for the rest of the day.

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6. Give yourself a motivational talk

To gear yourself up for the day ahead you should set a few minutes aside to give yourself a motivating talk. The thought of talking to yourself may seem crazy, however, a pep talk to yourself will put your mind in the right headspace for you to go out and tackle anything the day brings. Telling yourself how good you are at your job for example is never a bad thing.

7. Get organised

Once arriving at work you do not want to realise that you have left some work at home or misplaced anything of importance for the day ahead. As a result, you should make sure you are organised and have everything with you that you need, after all, being organised means being in control.

8. Take a deep breath

Mornings are not always quiet or serene and when following a routine, you forget to simply stop and take a breath. Your mind may be wondering elsewhere whilst you get prepared for work but to calm yourself down and to ensure you are prepared for work, take a deep breath and off you go to conquer the day.

Maryam Munir is a StudentJob blogger, and is currently in her first year at Brunel University London studying Journalism. Check out her Blog and Follow her on Twitter!

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