Finding a Graduate career is very competitive, often for many students deciding on what sector to pursue a career in is a very daunting prospect. Many niche sectors are often overlooked as students panic search for job vacancies.

CEO of Casinopedia Jake Fox, understands that the growing career opportunities available to graduates in the global online gaming sector are sometimes slipping through the net. If you are recently graduated and passionate about gaming this may be the perfect sector for you!

The gambling industry in the UK is constantly growing and evolving in line with changes in both technology and consumer trends. It is an industry that is particularly large and complex. According to the Gambling Commission, in September 2016 the UK gambling industry employed a total of 106,678 people. These people collectively have a very broad range of jobs, with an ever-growing range of skills required to maintain the industry and fuel its future growth. When most people think of casino-related careers, one that typically comes to mind is being a croupier or dealer, but there are so many more career options available to graduates.

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Positions in the online gaming sector often include a competitive salary and flexible benefits, also the gambling industry is a very creative and fun industry to work in, where often no two days are the same.

There are a variety of jobs available in this growing online gaming sector including:

  • Game Developer

If you have just graduated with a Computer Software degree or a similar degree, have a creative flair and are always thinking up new ideas this may be the perfect position for you. You will be responsible for helping to create new gaming concepts and extensively trial the game for any issues. You must be a good communicator as this role involves heavy interaction with other areas of the team such as sound and art designers to develop and bring the game to reality.

  • Content Writer

This role certainly needs strong written skills as it involves generating unique, relevant news content for the site. It needs to be interesting to the target market and help encourage traffic to the site. You will need to be on top of gaming trends and related news to keep your customers up to date and informed.

  • Marketing Coordinator

This position would be the ideal fit for anyone graduating from a Business or Marketing degree. Your duties will involve implementing successful marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the casino site and build brand awareness. You will need to have high consumer awareness, be able to multitask and be very results driven, persuading gamers to choose your gaming site over competitors is crucial to the business’s success!

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  • Book Maker

If you excel in financial tasks this could be the career for you. A Bookmaker is an individual who calculates betting odds on any upcoming events, they also take bets and pay out winnings. Bookmakers typically make money by adjusting the odds of a bet in their favor. They receive an equal number of bets for every possible outcome or get the amounts placed by bettors on each outcome to reflect the odds as their objective is  to achieve a “balanced book”.

  • Security Manager

A security manager needs to assure the safety of all attendants from customers to employees. It will often involve shift work; safety is an ongoing responsibility as people can be online gaming at any time of day or night. They need to monitor the site for any suspicious or criminal activity such as identity theft and ensure all necessary security documentation is completed daily.

  • Compliance Analyst

You will need to have strong attention to detail for this role! You will need to spot any suspicious activity on the site as soon as possible as the online gaming industry is heavily regulated. Therefore you must ensure employees and client’s activities on the gaming sites adhere to any Government or Nonprofit agencies guidelines that regulate the industry.

  • Addiction Counsellor

As we are all aware gambling addiction can be a risk of using online gaming sites. In extreme cases, the activity can become a compulsive behaviour which can lead to financial and personal problems for the individual. This role would be perfect for anyone graduating from a Psychology or related degree who are passionate about helping understand and cure the individual’s addiction, often in very complex cases.

CEO of Casinopedia Jake Fox made his first move into digital back in 2003, he has vast industry experience and proven track record which means he can offer a unique, valued insight into the world of online casinos careers. He has a genuine passion for great content, casinos and helping players succeed. is the number 1 trusted guide to casinos. Casinopedia is the world’s top online casino resource, comparing top online casino sites & bonuses, gathering and creating news, reviews and gaming tips. They inform and educate their readers to help them succeed.

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