How To Manage Stress And Encourage Well being While At University

By Zulfah Abrahams on 19-03-2018

The difficulties in life and life are often obscured by the student life offers. In addition to juggling tutorial timetables students also face a myriad of stressors that are part of a graduate's life: with a part-time job or just getting used to a new geographical area.

Real challenges that relate to mental ill health

The levels of stressful triggers vary; students having to cope with parental expectation, mounting student debt and finding a job after graduation among the range of As contributing stressors as revealed by a joint research study by YouGov and the University of Southampton.

It is widely experienced in the world of mental health issues and needs help to cope. In a National Union of Students (NUS) survey 78 percent of students surveyed had a suicidal thoughts. An alarming 54 percent of those who spoke of experiencing mental health problems said that they did not seek required help. Reasons cited not included in the support offered.

Coping mechanisms to ease the stress of university life and well-being

If you're struggling to change your life, then you can help:

  • Release 'feel good' hormones through exercise

Any sort of exercise will be at least 20 minutes long (and 5 times a week) and focus on increasing your heart rate. A campus is a simple way to include physical activity in your routine.

Girl at gym


  • The magic of meditation to improve mental health

Stephen Bradford, a senior mental health adviser at Birkbeck University, encourages mindfulness meditation as a relaxation technique that effectively lowers stress levels. The calming practice works by focusing on deep breathing and on the present moment. Students can join meditation classes for a guided experience; listen to meditation practice exercises on CDs or YouTube videos or on smartphone-enabled meditation apps.

  • Eat right for your wellbeing

A balanced diet works towards three main goals: supporting optimum physical health, promoting the 'feel good' factor and providing harder to longer. Study-friendly foods include flax seeds, salmon, tuna, blueberries and whole grains.

  • Use the support services at your university

Universities provide students with student support services as academically as well as emotionally. These support networks are wide-ranging and include drop-in clinics, well-being groups, student-run nightlines, chaplainies, personal tutors, student-run nightlines and hall tutors.nightlines, Chaplaincies, personal tutors, student-run nightlines and hall tutors.

Good mental health is one of the most fundamental of conditions that need to be met with empower and enable you to reach your potential. Reaching out and seeking help is critical to managing high stress levels. A rich and rewarding university experience depends on how well you take care of and protect your well-being.

Zulfah Abrahams writes for Inspiring Interns, which specializes in sourcing candidates for  internships and graduate jobs .


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