Students and cold winter mornings simply don’t exist. Why? Because we don’t wake up. We’d rather be nestled in our duvet cacoon, hiding away from the £3.99-bottle-of-wine-hangover. Alas, the second semester has started and we can’t run away from those 09:00 lectures forever.

Well, maybe we can. Anyhoo, if you fancy a change in 2019, below are ways to actually wake up in the morning.


  • A shit ton of coffee

Maybe just up your intake of the delicious nectar. Actually, many theories disprove this idea that too much coffee is good for you. But bugger that, a cheeky cup or two won’t harm.


  • Exercise

Yep, that’s right - if you are already struggling to wake up in the morning, throw in a nice refreshing jog into the mix. Surprisingly enough, this does have health benefits such as the ability to burn more fat (cheesy chips), better sleep at night and feeling more active throughout the day!


homer simpson


  • Yoga

If the thought of hitting the gym has made your heart drop to the Earth’s core, then maybe some relaxing, groin-ripping stretches will do the trick.


  • Allow natural light to embrace your existence

Ever worry that if you wake up too early your skin will burn, boil and dissolve? Face the fear, sleep with the curtains drawn and the natural sunlight has its way of telling the brain to wake up.


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  • Sonic Boom

Sounds crazy, huh? Well, it is. This mighty alarm clock packs a freaking punch. For any student who feels into a seriously deep snooze after a night out, this is the one for you. Measuring at 113 decibels you will literally be scared shitless and leap from the bed. At £31 it is a little expensive for us budget-hunting students, but worth it.


  • Apparently sleeping early is good

This is a no shit sherlock moment, but if you attempt to get an average of 7-8 hours sleep a night it helps with an abundance of things. University students are notorious for not sleeping much, but we can try! Switch off devices before bedtime, drink a delicious warm beverage (ginger with lemon is my fav), avoid stimulants and voila - you are one step closer to a nice resounding snooze.


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  • Hot water with honey and lemon

Ok I understand, when we develop into young adults, our breakfast intake is either a plate of dust, cold pizza from the night before, or a plate of dust. We are a little reluctant to spend money on the finer, more organic things in life. Therefore, I start my day with hot water with honey and lemon and it’s great for giving that refreshing boost you need. Trust me.


  • Positive mental attitude!

Face the facts, you will have to wake up early, and yes it's rubbish. But, what is worse? Waking up early, then having the entire day to do your procrastination and studying without the need to rush? Or waking up at 15:00, realising you have wasted the entire day and feel unproductive?


Follow these steps and who knows, maybe you will wake up at 08:00, or maybe you don’t. But in the words of Homer Simpson:


“You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.”


homer gif


Kidding, you can do this, I’m rooting for you, StudentJob is rooting for you, everybody is rooting for you.

Megan Bryant is an Online Marketer at StudentJob UK. Looking for a job to fund your student lifestyle? Register for your free candidate profile now.

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