Stress at work. It sucks. Can’t concentrate, your manager keeps piling you with tasks and everything around seems to be collapsing. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, there are ways to manage workplace stress.


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Accept it


The first step to managing workplace stress is to accept it.

There is no shame behind being stressed at work. We’re human and every so often, we hit a moment of weakness.

Until you accept it, this negative energy will build up inside. And let’s face it, the only thing we want inside are doughnuts, sweet potato fries and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.



This could be a close friend, family or someone at work. Talking with someone about your feelings can bring a neutral perspective on how to deal with stress.

The next action is to talk to your manager. FYI, if your manager isn’t a narcissistic arsehole, this part is surprisingly easy. The hardest is to bring yourself to do it.

Their responsibility is to care for your well-being, and by being open about your feelings, they too will understand how to manage it.


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Change your working schedule


Naturally, after speaking about how you feel, the following points will go hand in hand.

Is your working schedule a factor towards workplace stress? If you feel overworked, then say. Shifts can be mentally and physically draining.

The first steps to dealing with stress are to reduce the workload and focus on yourself!

Boys and girls, we all deserve some Netflix time.

Prioritise your studies


Is your workplace stress caused by assignment worries and upcoming exams?

I know exactly what you’re going through.

At the crossroad, trying to decide if it is worth the risk of earning extra money to afford cheap meal deals, or cut down on hours to study, but run the risk of starvation.

My honest opinion? Studies come first, always. The brief moment of poorness will seem like a decent memory when you’re 30 years old and already retired.


An exaggerated statement, but f**k it, we can dream


If this has reached out to you more so than others, then we have an article dedicated to teaching how to manage your mental health at university, it helped me for sure!


Look after your personal life too


Being a working student is not an easy task, even though there are self-deprecating memes expressing our pain in harmless laughter.

Despite the name, workplace stress, it can derive from your private life too.

Are assignments building up?

Are you eating the wrong foods? (shamefully I have eaten cold kebab in the morning after a heavy night out).

Are you getting enough sleep?

If you look after yourself, you can manage daily activities far better.




If your manager is being totally non-negotiable, does not care for your well-being and is overworking you like you a disposable cog, then pack your bags and get the hell out of there!


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