New Year’s Eve is the time to sweep out the old and welcome a new, and hopefully better, year. It is the time when you start thinking about your New Year's resolutions and how you can improve on yourself and your lifestyle for the upcoming year. New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that is celebrated by most people. On New Year’s Eve, you can always feel the excitement in the air as the following day many people start a new chapter in their lives. So, get up from your bed and get yourself ready for the New Year! 

Go take a shower, do your morning routine, dress up nicely and start writing down your New Year’s resolutions. Hit up your friends and make plans with them to mark the New Year after you have celebrated the countdown to midnight with your family. Make the most of it and enjoy it to the max!


New Year’s Eve in London

Spending New Year’s Eve in London is a great idea! London itself is so pretty, especially during the holiday season, so you definitely get to experience London in another light.  With the beautiful building facades covered in Christmas lights and the Yuletide atmosphere itself from all the joyful people can really make you feel like you’re starring in a Hallmark movie.  Most years it is easy to say what you could do in London for New Year’s Eve but because everything is now so unpredictable, we have to just adjust ourselves to the situation. Things you can look into doing is getting a hotel room in London on December 31st, the day of New Year’s Eve. That way you can experience the hotel restaurant and have a nice day at a hotel. You can also go watch a nice winter ballet like The Nutcracker Suite or a raunchy Christmas pantomime. You could also take a boat trip down the Thames, sipping hot chocolate (or something stronger!) and enjoy a unique view of the city and its lights. 

New Year’s Eve in London is always fun and even though this holiday might not be the year to go out clubbing or to huge parties, you can still make the most of it, especially as London is quite big and full of Christmas attractions, markets and many outdoor things to do such as attending a seasonal concert, go ice skating or watch the fireworks. 


 New Year’s Eve Parties


Everyone looks forward to New Year’s Eve parties, at least I do. It is fun, you get to see your friends and just drink and dance the night away! Unfortunately, this year, as everyone knows, it is hard to do that because we all want to keep each other safe. Although I cannot suggest some amazing New Year’s Eve parties to attend, I can definitely suggest alternatives. You can gather your closest friends and organize a New Year’s knees-up at a person's house. Yes, this might sound a bit lame but trust me you can make it fun! You can prepare a murder mystery game which every person in your friend group has to portray a character that is given to them and there must be a detective that has to figure out who killed this character. Or you can do tarot card readings and look into each other's future for the New Year. It’s always fun to  have a food competition to see who bakes the best gingerbread house, constructs the best pizza or makes the best, biggest and most sinful dessert. 

New Year's Eve doesn't always have to be about partying but it can also be about making memories with the people you really want to see and spend time with. So, for this year at least, do not think about New Year’s Eve parties but more about the sentimental value of that special night and make it cozy and fun with your friends! 








What to do on New Years Eve? 

Some fun things to do on New Year’s Eve can be ice skating, go out for some hot chocolate and walk around and see the beautiful Christmas lights. 


How to make a lockdown on New Year's Eve fun? 

If you are staying home, then plan out your day with your family and entertain yourself. You do not have to do fun things throughout the day but you can also do a spa day at your home, bake with your family, watch movies and prepare the evening for the midnight countdown. Put some music on or get a nice family friendly film to watch with your loved ones! 


What to do during lockdown on New Year’s Eve day in London

Yes, this is not the best time to go out nor can you go out for dinner as restaurants are starting to close. Spend time with your family and friends and maybe even go out for a stroll with your family at night and see the beautiful lights and then make after plans with your friends for drinks and games with them at one of their homes or yours! 

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