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This is how you use Social Media in your job search

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Social media and finding a job go well together. At least, if you put your social media channels in the right way. Through networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter you can, in an accessible way, get in touch with people that can help you find a job.

This is how you use social media in your job search

Tweet your way to a job with our Twitter Tips

Find a job via Twitter

Are you looking for a job and would you like to use Twitter as a network medium? We’ve drafted the best Twitter Tips for you, so that networking for a job is even easier.

This is how you find a job through Twitter

The standard structure of a good CV

cv structure

Your CV (curriculum vitae) is the first impression you present to the company you are applying to, usually combined with your cover letter. Therefore, an employer will quickly see if you are a suitable candidate for the position. But what exactly do you include in your CV?

We will help you write your CV

Fifteen tips for pimping up your CV

cv improvements

Have you already read the standard requirements for creating a CV? Is everything included? Then it is time to adjust to the type of employer and function. We’ve got fifteen tips to transform your basic CV into one which will catch your potential employer’s eye!

Read here all the tips for improving your CV

For inspiration: a sample CV

cv example

It's always useful to use an example CV, before you get started with your own. Have a look at our sample CV!

Check out our sample CV

Examples of creative applications

creative applications

Are you applying for a creative job, or just want to make your CV eye-catching? For those of you who want to try something different from the traditional CV, we have some great examples of creative CV applying!

Examples of creative applications

Top tips to prepare your cover letter

cover letter

Have you found your dream job? Then it’s time to start wiring your cover letter! Make sure you know what you're talking about, who you need to convince and how.

With these tips start to prepare your cover letter

Seven top tips to write cover letter

cover letter tips

Are you well prepared, have your read everything, did you conducted thorough research and know everything about the job? Then you can get started with your cover letter. We’ve got Seven top tips for writing a good cover letter.

Read the top seven tips for writing a good cover letter

Six top tips to send your cover letter best

how to send your cv

Your cover letter has been written. You can now sit back, relax, and all you have to do is to click on the 'send' button right? NOT! This is the time when your focus should be sharper than ever. Therefore StudentJob has six top tips for your cover letter to be delivered successfully.

Read the six top tips to send your cover letter best

For inspiration: sample cover letter

example cover letter

After reading the tips about writing a good cover letter, do you need an example? Then check out this sample cover letter for inspiration.

Have a look at our sample cover letter

Top tips for a successful job interview

job interview

If you are invited for an interview, you've already done one thing well: impressed the reader with your cover letter and CV. But now comes the important part- meeting the high expectations you have created for yourself.

This is how you have a successful job interview

Salary Negotiation: Five steps to the appropriate salary

salary negotiations

Have you successfully made the final selection process and now in the position to negotiate your salary? Many people are unsure how to handle a salary negotiation but good preparation is half the work!

Read all the tips for a successful salary negotiation

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