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Top six tips for writing a good cover letter

So, your cover letter has been written. You can now sit back, relax, and all you have to do is to click on the 'send' button right? NO! This is the time when your focus should be sharper than ever. Therefore StudentJob has six top tips for your cover letter to be delivered successfully.


  1. Professional sender
    Ready to send? Do not do this by using the email address you had since the seventh grade. The address is not professional.
  2. Subject
    Check the vacancy text in what way you need to send the letter. Often the vacancy has a reference number in the description that you could use as a subject. Especially in large companies, this is important so that your letter is delivered to the right..
  3. Content of the mail
    Never write: "Dear Sir or Madam. I would like to apply for the position of .... Attached as an attachment my cover letter and resume". This text is redundant and would only invite the HR manager for archiving your email in the correct folder. Instead, copy and paste the text of your cover letter (or part of your text) in the e-mail and add the PDF as an attachment in addition too.
  4. Closure
    Always close your mail with your name and phone number. Of course, these are also in your CV, but you make it easier for someone by providing them as well in your email.
  5. Testing… 1,2,3
    Send the first email to yourself or a friend. So you see how it comes out, whether it looks neat, you can still do a final check spelling and verify that all attachments are there. Everything okay?
  6. Send e-mail!
    And put your own address in the BCC. So you are sure that the mail has been sent.
  7. You are invited for an interview, you've already done one thing well: impressed with your cover letter and resume. But now comes the important part: meet the high expectations you have created yourself. Very exciting, so good advice on this could be useful. Read our tips for a successful job interview.