Audit Graduate Trainee (Privately-Owned Business) in Edinburgh

Job description

Job Purpose

The role of an auditor is to ensure financial statements produced by clients are ‘true and fair' and an accurate representation of the transactions and balances they claim to represent. In the Privately-Owned Business team, you can expect to be part of highly engaged teams, working together to deliver high quality audits in line with client expectations and deadlines. As an Audit Trainee, your time would usually be split between working at client premises, working in the office and studying for your professional exams. However due to the current pandemic situation Mazars continues to work remotely only visiting the office and client sites on a restricted basis.

We are looking for candidates with a strong desire to learn and progress, and we give increasing responsibility when an individual is ready rather than at pre-determined times. However, our broad expectation of roles and responsibilities during the three-year training contract is set out below.

During your first year you will:

  • Work with various clients across a range of sectors, building a strong understanding of their business;
  • Learn how to prepare professional audit documents in line with our audit methodology using audit software and systems;
  • Develop a thorough understanding of financial statements; and
  • Be able to obtain relevant information from clients whilst building effective rapport with clients.
  • During your second year you will:

  • Build and develop audit skills in increasingly complex and technical areas;
  • Be able to take ownership for sections allocated in an audit file;
  • Self-review your own-work, ensuring minimal review points are raised by managers; and
  • Be able to help less experienced team members.
  • In your final year you will be expected to take on significantly more responsibility. Depending on the client, this may involve taking the lead on a technical area or a team and ensuring the entire audit file is completed. This will include a combination of working to stated deadlines, managing the work of junior members, taking responsibility for the budget, and presenting in both team and client meetings. 

    The Person 

  • Strong work ethic; the desire to get things done, and to learn and progress.
  • Interpersonal skills; the ability to build client relationships with a foundation of trust and responsibility.
  • Analytical skills; the ability to accurately and diligently assimilate information, grasp concepts quickly, research and solve problems.
  • Independent; the ability to think critically, challenge when appropriate, and to apply professional scepticism.
  • Attention to detail and strong time-management skills.
  • Credible and effective communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Affinity with our values; in particular, respect for individuals, diversity and integrity.
  • Strong academic performance is important so we know that you're ready to take your professional exams . However, we understand things don't always go to plan – so if you don't meet our minimum requirements, please let us know if you have any exceptional achievements or extenuating circumstances which affected your results. We also consider your achievements in the context of your socio-economic background, so encourage you to submit your contextual information.

  • 2.1 or above in any degree discipline
  • Minimum of 112 UCAS points. This is based on the new 2017 UCAS Tariff. You can calculate your UCAS points here.
  • Grade B or above in GCSE English Language and Maths.
  • Training


    We will fund your study towards the ICAS qualification.

    You will receive a full study package to ensure that you successfully complete your professional qualification. This includes time off to study, attend college and complete online courses. Your professional qualification is only part of the story at Mazars; we support all our trainees with a blended approach to training and development including classroom study, 1:1 coaching, and soft skills training.

    You will be supported by a mentor and an appraising manager to keep your career and aspirations on track.

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    Extra information

    Education Level
    Working hours per week
    4 - 40
    Type of Contract
    Casual / Part Time Jobs
    Published at
    Profession Sub-category
    Customer Service
    Full UK/EU driving license preferred
    Car Preferred
    Must be eligible to work in the EU
    Cover Letter Required

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