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Student Brand Ambassador for BrainZyme: “Natural Nootropic”

Do you want a fun, flexible job where you can earn lots of money, work from home or on campus, and learn some valuable experience? Then join BrainZyme as a brand ambassador! You will be responsible to promoting our brand on campus and on social media.

What are you going to do

The "Best Student Job on Campus"? You decide!

Our offer: We can help you make money, improve your grades and help other students ...

Background: With all the news of "study drugs" around UK campuses, it is clear there is a strong demand for such, but so far no company has produced a natural, safe and legal alternative that works better. Now in Spring 2018 there is finally that alternative: BrainZyme.

Why work with BrainZyme? We are a Scottish company, set up by students, run by students, for students. We're here to help - we have a social mission of offering students a real choice other than the "study drugs" you might have seen on campus, such as Modafinil, Ritalin or Noopept.

What is the product? BrainZyme is a Natural Nootropic, also known as a Brain Food Supplement. . BrainZyme can increase your concentration, motivation and energy - so that you are able to study better and longer, and it works within an hour. Student reviews have shown it's brilliant for dealing with exam pressure and motivating yourself to study more, and its used by thousands of students across the UK, Europe and China.

How does the job work? Work from home, in your own time. Take the short online training module and pick up £20 of store credit immediately. Try BrainZyme and if you like it, share your experience with others to earn a huge commission (15-30% of each sale). This is an easy and stress-free way to make money, get better grades and help your friends.

Legal bit: BrainZyme is a 'Natural Nootropic' - made from ingredients in full compliance with the British Department of Health and Trading Standards. Since the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act, many other products became illegal. It's also illegal to sell prescription drugs such as Modafinil or Ritalin and buying such fake medicines sold online is also risky and can be quite expensive. However, good news: our nootropics are totally legal, ethical, natural, vegan, cost less and are in full compliance with Trading Standards.

Real Science: The scientifically proven claims made by BrainZyme are verified and compliant with UK regulatory agencies in compliance with statutory regulations enforced by the Department of Health (UK), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK), Food Standards Agency (UK), Trading Standards (Scotland) and the European Food Safety Authority (EU).

How do I get started? Just click the link below for the online application form and the short online training module. We'll then have a quick phone interview with you and ID check and then the £20 store credit is released to you (this works out to over £7.50/ hour).

Do I have stock to distribute? No, you don't have to worry about that: we'll deal with shipping, refunds, customer support and any other issues that come up.

Minimum qualifications:

  • - Currently studying.
  • - Already have a social media presence.
  • - Interested in supplements, and getting better grades.
  • - Member of clubs or groups.

What will you get from it?

  • - SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIENCE - Grow your own social media platform as well as gaining experience in "social media marketing" - an important skill that many employers appreciate. Make your CV stand out!
  • - FLEXIBLE - Work when you want for as long as you want - you can easily fit this role around current studies or social commitments. And repeat customers require hardly any effort on your part.
  • - DISCOUNTS - Get discounted BrainZyme for you and your contacts - this means you will be more likely to study hard and get better grades.
  • - SOCIAL CIRCLE - Expand your social circle by meeting on-campus influencers and by collaborating with other BrainZyme Ambassadors.
  • - EXCLUSIVE - Get access to exclusive products/events.
  • - EARN MORE - With the size of the market growing rapidly, and more and more students needing study supplements, you will have unlimited earning potential.
  • - BETTER GRADES - With BrainZyme providing a natural concentration, motivation and energy boost, you will find yourself studying more and better, and this will hopefully translate into better grades.
  • - DO GOOD IN THE WORLD - Be a force for good - provide a safe, effective and fast-acting alternate to off-brand "study drugs" such as Modafinil or Ritalin

What we offer:

  • Competitive Commission Package (Up to £8 per sale!) PLUS- the equivalent of £20 for less than one hours training.
  • Chance to gain valuable experience and meet new friends
  • Improve the well-being and the grades of your peers by offering a safe, legal and natural alternative to pharmaceutical study drugs.
  • Access to exclusive events.

What we ask:

  • You should be registered as a university student
  • Must have an existing social media presence.
  • Outgoing and sociable

Extra information

Better Nutritional Science is the UK's leading specialist brain supplement company in the emerging "Brain Food Supplement - Natural Nootropics" segment, anticipated to grow 20% per year for the next 7 years. The product we make is BrainZyme, a Brain Food Supplement, Nutritional Cognitive Enhancer (NCE) that increases concentration, motivation and energy, making it perfect for work, study or athletics.

Education Level
Secondary School, College, University, Other
Type of Contract
Casual / Part Time Jobs
Salary indication
Between £20.00 and £50.00 per hour
Responsible for
Marketing on campus and on social media
Type of Job
Online Marketing
Full UK/EU driving license preferred
Car Preferred
Must be eligible to work in the EU
Cover Letter Required

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