About Studentjob

How it all started

In 2000, three Dutch students; Bram Bosveld, Hugo de Koning and Rogier Thewessen had one sole purpose. Looking for a part-time job. They soon discovered that to find anything online proved to be rather difficult. The solution? They created their very own online job board. Starting out as Studentenwerk (Student Work), employers posted vacancies and students could apply with ease. Studentenwerk grew into YoungCapital, an innovative employment agency that would disrupt the entire Dutch recruitment landscape, with over 16,000 candidates at work, every day. But they didn’t stop there. Expanding into new markets, StudentJob was launched and together a broad online network of over 6 million ambitious candidates in nine European countries was born.
StudentJob International

StudentJob International

The way we work is simple. We focus on connecting employers to the best candidates who are actively searching for jobs; including part-time and weekend work, internships, placements and graduate positions. Looking for a job in Sweden? Or Spain? We can still help you. We have job boards across France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and of course, the Netherlands.

Gen Z

Gen Z

In order to deliver the right job, we need to understand our candidates. Gen Z is looking for jobs, we know what they are looking for. Ambitious, fun and looking for security. Gen Z is always looking for ways to challenge themselves, and we at StudentJob want to help with that. We are therefore actively working to post internships and PhD student positions, all to take advantage of the entrepreneurship and drive found in generation Z! Are you part of Gen Z? Then you are in safe hands with us.

Why do companies choose StudentJob?

Why do companies choose StudentJob?

  • Over 1 million registered candidates.
  • Advertise your job quickly and effectively.
  • Receive tailored advice from your account manager.
  • New customer? Post your vacancy for free.
  • We’ve put a happy face on Deliveroo, Zara and Uber (to name a few).

StudentJob Timeline

  • 2022

    StudentJob UK is reaching almost 1,500,000 registered candidates!

  • 2021

    StudentJob International has reached 8.5 million applicants across Europe, not bad, isn't it?

  • 2020

    The corona pandemic cannot stop us! In this time of the pandemic, which is so difficult for everyone, we are there for all our customers and support them in the easiest way to find their employees.

  • 2019

    Our international database reaches more than 6 million registered candidates!

  • 2018

    Hello Switzerland! We are now active in 9 European countries. Not bad huh?

  • 2017

    StudentJob France migrates to a new website, improving the experience and services for candidates and employers.

  • 2016

    Amazing numbers: StudentJob International reached more than 4.9 million users in Europe, with no intention of stopping growing.

  • 2015

    Welcome Sweden! StudentJob Sweden is launched in June and becomes the eight international platform of the group.

  • 2014

    New beginnings! StudentJob becomes part of StudentenWerk, which changes its name to YoungCapital.

  • 2012

    Big milestone: over 1 million registered users in the joint database for StudentenWerk and StudentJob.

  • 2011

    One year after the launch, Belgium, Spain and France reached 50.000 candidates. The Netherlands even doubled that to 100.000 students looking for a job!

  • 2010

    Another big year for StudentJob! StudentJob France launched in November and the UK followed soon. StudentJob is now the market leader in vacancies for students and young professionals. The website also got a fresh new look. The result? More and more registered candidates.

  • 2009

    After expanding nationally with opening 25 agencies across the Netherlands, StudentJob is opening it’s first international platform in Germany. Also Austria, Belgium and Spain joined!

  • 2000

    Hooray! StudentJob is established in the Netherlands under the name Studentenwerk.