Employment Contracts

You have your new job contract, but what does all of this mean? Don’t fret! We at StudentJob have listed all the available job contracts in the UK, right here, for your convenience. Now you will become the expert on the differences between a full-time job and a permanent job. What on earth is a flexitime contract and is an apprenticeship really all that? We also talk about zero hour contracts, are they so bad? Let’s find out!

All about employment contracts

Have you got a Zero Hour contract?

You have been offered a job contract, but it says zero hours. Uh oh! Are your alarm bells ringing? Are zero hour contracts all that bad as the press like to say it is? Well, we deep dive into a zero hour contract, pros and cons. Maybe this kind of contract is excellent for you and your lifestyle - perhaps it isn’t. Maybe you are interested in an apprenticeship or becoming an intern? Well, we have you covered. Keep reading above to discover all about the contracts in the UK available to you. After reading all of that - you might decide to go self-employed, instead!