what are Perks at Work?

As the job market is super competitive, perks at work is a benefit that employers should include in their job descriptions. So, what are your perks at work? From free lunches to a games room - these workplace perks keep you working at your job. Did you know you could claim for a travel allowance? Yup - you can! Explore below to find out what benefits package you can have. If you don’t, maybe you can implore your boss to invest in some.

All about Perks at Work

You Can Claim For Travel Allowance

In the UK, unfortunately, there aren't that many perks at work. Especially compared to our European counterparts. Did you know that in Holland, your boss is obliqued to reimburse your travel to work? Yup. Some companies provide free lunches, tea and coffee and even have a games room. We at StudentJob, think it's about time the UK addresses this lack of perks at work issue and start treating their workers right! After all, perks at work are an incentive for you to stay working at a company. It's in your bosses best interest. However, it isn't all doom and gloom in the workplaces up and down the UK. Psst- did you know you can claim travel allowance from the taxman? Check out above to find out more.