Why find a job abroad?

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging experience, then a job abroad may be perfect for you! Make new friends, develop skills and maybe learn a new language - all while you gain international work experience. Living in a country gives you far more understanding of the culture while you will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas. What about island hopping in Greece, or relaxing on the south coast of Spain? All in all, working abroad is a great opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime!

Make sure to include working abroad in your CV as it's a great achievement to include. Working abroad shows that you can adapt to new environments and also highlights your independence. Both are great assets for you and your CV. In interviews, you could also draw out on specific experiences which used and tested your skills.

From jobs in the Netherlands to work in Portugal, or even jobs in China; here at StudentJob, we have plenty of opportunities! If you want to find out more about working abroad, then check out this blog section!

Jobs abroad

There are so many reasons to work abroad. You'll get to know a new culture, language and loads of new people, develop important skills (such as independence and adaptability), gain international work experience AND will have the time of your life. Take this opportunity to for example spend the cold winter months in Greece! Filter for your preferred country or check out all jobs abroad below.

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