The New Recruitment Guide

Recruiting the young generation in the best way possible

You can’t just put a vacancy online and expect all the best candidates to apply. The new generation is very picky, and they won’t just choose any company. From receiving an application until the first working day, the application process offers you plenty of opportunities. You can find out what these opportunities are and how to actually use them in our New Recruitment Guide. Because by putting in the extra effort, you not only bring in the very best candidates but make them brand ambassadors too.

Recruitment Guide

In our New Recruitment Guide the following topics are covered:

  • How to attract young talent.
  • Using social media to your advantage.
  • Tips for the perfect vacancy description.
  • Handling the interview, like a boss.
  • The correct way to reject a candidate.
  • Employee onboarding - how to do it the right way.

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