Professions Guide

Most young people have no idea what they want to do, which is completely fine; we’ve all been there. However, if you still need a helping hand, we have found 20 of the most searched professions in the UK. In this professions guide, we break down your day-to-day tasks, the desirable skills, and what qualifications come in handy for the job. From babysitters to business analysts, we will show you various jobs that could interest you. In addition, we are offering you a rundown on your expected salary, what education is available, and the necessary skills and experience for the job. After reading about becoming a police officer, nurse, or social worker, check out our job application tips at the bottom of this page to perfect your CV and ace that interview. Don’t forget to check out our vacancies; if none are interesting, we have many jobs available for young people. Whether you’re a student or newly graduated, we sure have something for everyone.

Learn more about the top 20 professions in the UK

How to become an Air Hostess

Air Hostess

Welcome Aboard! Check out how to become an Air Hostess.

How to become a Babysitter


Want to get paid to look after children, becoming a Babysitter might be for you.

How to become a Bartender


Do you want to make the perfect cocktail, then become a Bartender.

How to become a Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Data, Software and Programming, sound interesting? Become a Business Analyst.

How to become a Call Centre Agent

Call Centre Agent

Become a Call Centre Agent. Handle calls, queries and support customers.

How to become a Chef


Cook, create menus and manage a kitchen, would you like to be a Chef?

How to become a Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

Do you have a driving license, put it to good use and become a Delivery Driver.

How to become an Electrician


Don't want to work behind a desk? Become an Electrician.

How to become an Estate Agent

Estate Agent

Are you a negotiating pro? See if being an Estate Agent is for you.

How to become an Interior Designer

Interior Designer

Interior Design? Colour wheels, textiles and furniture. Does this interest you.

How to become a Nurse


Want to help people maintain their health? Think about becoming a Nurse.

How to become a Nusery Nurse

Nursery Nurse

Love helping children's development and skills try becoming a Nursery Nurse.

How to become an Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Do you excel in a subject? Help others by becoming an Online Tutor.

How to become a Paralegal


Aspire to become a lawyer, start as a Paralegal and gain great experience.

How to become a Police Officer

Police Officer

Protect, serve and prevent crime by becoming a Police Officer.

How to become a Project Manager

Project Manager

Can you effectively manage projects? Answer: become a Project Manager.

How to become a Social Worker

Social Worker

Support people in need by becoming a Social Worker.

How to become a Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Do you nerd out for computer science? Try being a Software Engineer.

How to become a Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Become a Teaching Assitant, if you love the idea of teaching and helping young people develop their knowledge.

How to become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Schedule meetings, answer phone calls, emails. Thought about becoming a Virtual Assistant?

Application Tips

Job Application Tips

With our CV, interview and cover letter tips, our tricks are a sure fire way to land you that job.