Working Rights For Students

Are you looking for student career advice on your employee rights? Then you have come to the right place. Here on StudentJob, we have you covered with all your working rights for students in the UK! Have you ever wondered what a restrictive covenant is, what garden leave is or what rights you have for holidays? Well, check out what we have for you below. You will discover all your employee rights, what you are entitled to and unfortunately, what you are not. We have made it super easy for you to understand all that legal jargon and hopefully, you will take away some knowledge, so you will know if your employer isn’t behaving.

All about Employee Rights

Do you understand your employee rights in the UK?

Do you understand your employee rights? Maybe you feel like you’re being mistreated or discriminated against at work. You should read our guide closely to discover all the rights you have as a worker. This area can be overwhelming, a little bit confusing - but you should know these things. After all, if you’re being treated poorly at work, or you were fired unfairly - you can do something about it! Don’t let bully bosses win! Explore above, all the work laws in the UK and become the employee rights guru.