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Seven tips for writing a good cover letter

Are you well prepared, have your read everything, did you conducted thorough research and know everything about the job? Then you can get started with your cover letter. We’ve got Seven top tips for writing a good cover letter.

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  1. Keep it short , but powerful
    The average length of a cover letter is no longer than one A4 . This means that you must quickly “get to the point” in simple and powerful phrases. Do not provide any information that is not relevant to the employer. Ask yourself if what you are writing is important for the company and the position. Beware, that you do not repeat your CV , work experience enumerate is redundant . And do not write extensively about issues that you can explain during a call.
  2. Adjust your writing style
    A good cover letter is formal but not too formal . Make sure the letter matches the style of the organization you are applying for and the job you are applying for.
  3. The first paragraph
    Contrary to what you often read , it is not necessary to first explain where you found the job and that you think the job suits you . Both sentences are not selling yourself . Try to pick up on something you noticed on the website , to the product , or something personal that shows your passion for the job instead. Come originality , you can be sure that your letter is read.
  4. Second paragraph
    In this paragraph detail why you have an interest in the job role and any background knowledge which will support this.
  5. Third paragraph
    This is where you explain what skills you have, the qualifications which specifically apply to the job role, and what you can offer to the employer. It is important you don’t repeat yourself from what you’ve written in your CV! Conclude your cover letter thanking the employer for their time and mention that your CV and references are attached (if applicable)..
  6. Proof read
    Grammatical errors in a cover letter give off a bad first impression and can make the difference between you or another candidate being selected. It’s a very simple thing but will make a big difference!
  7. Save as PDF
    Save your word document as a PDF file when you are all done and do not want to change anything anymore. This way you prevent messed up lay outs or other changes that are unintentional.