Benefits package

We all love a benefits package at work! Also known as employee benefits packages, these perks at work are designed to help you be relaxed, productive and incentive to stay working for the company. If you're super lucky, you may be working in a modern, flexible working culture that provides free tea and coffee. If, however, you are not working in this environment. Well, we are sorry. That sucks. Maybe you should look for another job?

What Are Workplace Perks?

Workplace perks can lead to happiness at work. A recent survey conducted by Glassdoor suggested that every 4 out of 5 people thought having a non-monetary perk at work was better than a pay rise.

Productivity is a significant issue for businesses. Workers are stuck at their workspace, without any physical or mental breaks, can in the long-term effect productivity in a negative way. Mental health and burnout are on the rise among workers in the UK. Being away from work due to illness and work-related stress is something a good employer should be aware of.

Some workplace perks are travel allowance, company cars and a free lunch. Other perks can include a gym membership, work outings and a games room. There are even companies that pay for a professional cleaning service to clean your house while you're at work. Sign us up, please!

Having these perks at work can lead to a better work-life balance and general wellbeing.

You should talk to your HR manager about a benefits package. If there isn't any at your workplace, perhaps you can campaign to have one.

What Are Fun Things To Do At Work?

There are some steps you and your managers can do to make working a little bit more bearable. Your changes could mean a less mentally taxing working space that is pleasurable. Here are a few fun things to do at work, or at least, encourage your employer to adopt these things;

  • Have day trips with your colleagues - this could also be a team bonding day.

  • Create a flexible space - sofas, beanbags and cushions mean you don't have to be at your desk all day.

  • In another person's shoes - not literally. Try spending the day doing someone else job; you'll be surprised how much you will learn and appreciate your job.

  • Have Friday afternoon drinks - some places provide drinks for their workers every late Friday afternoon.

  • Have Pizza Tuesdays - there are even some workplaces that have pizzas delivered to the workspace every Tuesday afternoon.

  • Mandatory breaks - legally, workers are entitled to at least 20 minutes uninterrupted breaks if you work longer than 6 hours a day. Oh, and if you're 16 - 17 years old, you're legally allowed to 30 minutes rest every 4.5 hours.

  • Friendly competition - maybe introduce a ping pong table tournament.

  • Dress Down Fridays - do you need to be suited and booted every single day? Having a casual dress day can do wonders for everyone.

Positive Work Environment

Benefits package creates a positive work environment, not only for you but your employer too. As a worker having an excellent employee benefits packages means;

  • You save money and have more disposable income
  • You have a better workplace wellbeing
  • You can maintain a better work-life balance

Having benefits isn't just for you; it is also great for your boss too!

  • As an employer, you can recruit and retain the best workers
  • You can boost morale and improve the workplace culture
  • You will have a higher productivity rate

We will end with a quote from one of the most successful businessmen in the world;

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to." Richard Branson

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