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A babysitter is someone who is paid, usually by the hour, to care for another person's children while the principal carer is absent. This is a role that requires no experience and is extremely easy to hire for. People from 16+ are suitable to babysit and teenagers specifically enjoy babysitting as it requires no experience and they have the free time to perform this role. Being good with children and not having a criminal record are the key requirements for a babysitting candidate. While the role is commonly a one off or rarely frequent, some families may employ someone they trust for regular babysitting services.

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What is a Babysitter

Benefits of Hiring a Babysitter

The benefits of hiring a babysitter is that you get time off to enjoy some time by yourself or with your partner, while not having to worry about your child. Being a parent is hectic, you are constantly running around and prioritizing your child but with a babysitter you can actually relax your mind as you have one less thing to worry about. Plus, most times it is expensive to hire a babysitter that has a lot of experience. Therefore, hiring a babysitter that is a bit younger and maybe less experienced will mean the rate is lower and more affordable.

How to Hire a Babysitter

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How to hire a Babysitter

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