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Seasonal workers are hired into a position mostly part-time for a short period. They help out with the increased work demands of a season or specific seasonal work in different industries. They are often easy to hire and require minimal training, although they need to be committed and hard working to manage the sometimes hectic holiday or seasonal demand. Versatility in job roles and availability will also be important when hiring seasonal workers, they will need little oversight after they have been trained and will need to be willing to cover shifts due to the unpredictable nature of holiday and seasonal demand.

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Benefits of Hiring a Seasonal Worker

Seasonal workers are beneficial to hire as there are months throughout the year that your business might get extremely busy and you need the extra help. Hiring seasonal workers can not only help with the workload, but also does not involve a set employee contract for your business, so when you do not need the extra help they stop working for you. Another benefit would also be instead of having to employ and train new employees for your company (therefore losing time and money from the recruitment process), seasonal workers are normally hired through an agency by which they are already trained.

How to Hire a Seasonal Worker

Hiring a seasonal worker has never been easier. With StudentJob we allow recruiters to post their job vacancies on our site. Therefore, once your job is posted, you gain access to our database of over 1.2 million candidates looking for a job. Our team of specialists assist you in your job vacancy and ensure that your vacancy gets a good SEO score. Our team would also be happy to arrange a call with you to discuss other exposure services.

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We get it. Looking for employees can be stressful. It takes up your time, effort and most importantly, money. That’s why at StudentJob we are offering first-time clients the opportunity to post a job advert and get the first three applicants free of charge. Any applicant after that is £10 and they will be charged for at the end of the vacancy. Cancellation is possible at any time, so there’s no risk either. If you take advantage of this offer you will still benefit from our tailored Account Manager service and assistance every step of the way. The vacancy will run for one month, and the purchase of a premium vacancy package will unlock all the applications. If you´re happy let's discuss how we can maximise your reach and enhance your job posting experience. Place your job advert and let us connect students to you.

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