How do you become a Call Centre Agent?

Do you love helping customers by telephone, email and other methods? Then as a call centre agent, you will be answering customer enquiries. Read on to learn more about what qualifications you need, skills and experience you need to become a call centre agent. We will also tell you your potential salary, benefits and the different salaries for different companies working as a call centre agent.

What do Call Centre Agents do?

Your day-to-day tasks consist of answering calls, emails and web chat queries from customers who have issues with products or services they have purchased. You may handle customers' orders, card payments, and complaints against services and products they have purchased from the company you work for.

You will advise potential customers on the available products and services.

You offer and support customers to fix computer issues, and to use the products and services you advertise effectively. Offering counselling welfare and benefits to help with customers search for careers. And lastly, updating customers’ records on the company's databases.

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What skills do you need for a Call Centre job?


There are no university courses for this type of career; however, there are two excellent courses you can apply for. These courses are:

  • Level 1 Certificate for Introduction to Customer Service
  • Level 2 Certificate in Contact Centre Operations

Your entry requirements for level 1 courses are that no GCSEs are necessary; however, you may be asked by the college to take Maths and English tests before you can enrol. Level 2 courses are 4 GCSEs between the grades of 9 to 3; having your English and Maths are desirable but not necessary to enrol.

Work Experience

You can also apply through an intermediate customer service practitioner. Your other option is an advanced customer service specialist apprenticeship, are all available through your college or school. To enrol some GCSEs are required, including English and Maths for intermediate apprenticeships, or for advanced, you will need 5 GCSEs in grades 9 to 4.

Skills needed for a Call Centre Job

Verbal Communication Skills

As your primary task is speaking to customers and helping them with issues. If you demonstrate effective communication, active listening, speaking clearly, and asking open-ended questions are great ways to find out the issues that customers face. Building a trusting relationship helps satisfy a customer's queries and problems.

Knowledge of Software and Systems

Your skills and knowledge of software and systems that you will use daily. It's not as simple as turning your computer on and off; you must use processing programs such as HubSpot, TalkDesk or Aircall.

Emotional Intelligence

Being empathetic towards customers and their issues. You must handle them with compassion to understand their problem and deal with them effectively. You will deliver excellent customer service by being dedicated and caring about their issues.

Salaries of a Call Centre Agent in the UK

Call centre agents receive, on average in the UK, £25,000 per year or £12.82 per hour. More entry-level positions start at £21,162 per year, whilst more experienced workers, supervisors and managers can make upwards of £42,740. This graph shows you the average salary of call centre operators depending on the company you work for.

Salaries of Call Centre Agent UK

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Overview of Call Centre Agents

Profession Group Outsourcing Industry
Minimum Age 18
Education Requirements GCSEs
Salary Indication £20,483
Related Jobs Receptionists or Sales Representatives

FAQs about Call Centre Agents

  • What is the most important skill of a call centre agent?

  • Your customer service skills are the most important to do your job.

  • What does a call centre agent do?

  • You will handle incoming or outgoing customer calls for a company.

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