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Activity Leader in Torbay

Activity Leader. Participating in activities with young English Language Learners. Residential position.

What are you going to do

  • Help with light domestic chores (making beds, vacuuming, helping me with dinner)
  • Accompanying students on activities to make sure they have the best holiday possible. Activities range from board games indoors, to beach sports, to shopping, to visiting attractions, to swimming etc etc etc
  • Positively encouraging the students to spend the evenings out on the beach, at activities or indoors playing games with everyone. In other words having fun and feeling at home
  • Doing 2 full day activities at weekends.
  • You must be friendly and inclusive with all other students regardless of their age, gender or nationality.

What we offer

  • experience of working with different cultures in a fun setting
  • experience of working with young people
  • English Language Tourism Experience

What we ask:

  • At least finished high school Current DBS/CRB
  • sociable and friendly
  • good interpersonal skills
  • sense of humour
  • willingness to participate in a wide range of activities with good humour
  • experience of horses an advantage but not essential

Extra information

This position is open to British and non-British applicants. No travel expenses are included. If you are not a British National you should arrange appropriate medical insurance and visas if required.

Here's what others have said...

Saskia (18, Sweden)
"My experience during the three weeks I was in Michelle's house was amazing. I spent time with people from different nationalities learning about their culture and customs.
My main duty was helping Michelle with a little house work and make sure that her immersión students had a great time and somebody to spend time with.
It was a memorable time not just because of the fact I had a lot of fun, but also because of the things you learn by being and living with a lot of young people from countries from all over the world.
Michelle gave me a wonderful opportunity to do an immersion in England and its culture in a different way and I also improved my English by speaking all the time in this language with everyone.
The students living in the house were super friendly and kind and we all become good friends.
We went out together every evening."

Sara (20, Czech Republic)
"It was a big challenge for me. I'm glad that I took it up. I like working with young people. I also like finding activities which would suit all of us or just for Michelle's student and me. This was a great opportunity to explore a different culture and meet different people from the whole world! And also finding common interests.
Tina (the first immersion girl) was into history, so we visited a lot of interesting museums and historical buildings. For me it was really interesting meet someone who have a passion for something different than me. I also realise that there are a lot of interesting things in the world, but one person can't explore all of them.
"Different nationalities, different point of view." There were people from all over the world and it's amazing to talk about global things and trying to get the opinion of someone else. In my opinion this is the only way how to escape your bubble.
I also like sharing experiences with other students. For example, playing frisbee, talking about football or just about films or TV series. Because of a must of using English and hearing it, I grew more comfortable and I feel that I really improve my speaking English. Now I feel more confident with my English and with talking to people.
I also explored a lot of English culture. Even if we have to deal with globalisation, England is different in lots of things. And I'm glad that I could experience it. Because I also did normal stuff which I would do when I would live there. I think that you can't have this opportunity when you are just on holiday with family or friends in hotel. We were shopping, going out with the dogs, watching TV.
So thank to Michelle, I had a wonderful holiday. "

Esther (22, Spain)
"The places I got to visit were absolutely wonderful, specially because we walked all day and got a full experience of the town. Brixham, Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay… all so different but with so many things to do. And because they are so different from each other you don't have the chance to get bored at all, each place has something special for everyone. I got my camera and I took some of the best pictures I've ever taken.
A lot of people are so critic with British food, but I must admit I liked it very much. I thought the meal times would be a problem, because they are so different from the ones I'm used to, but it wasn't a problem at all and the food was excellent.
Like I said before, some days were really busy, but from Monday to Friday I had some time for myself, so I would recommend taking a book or a laptop. One thing I loved doing was going to the beach. I don't live near the coast, so for me seeing the sea is a very special feeling. I used to spend some time in the afternoon going there with a book or just staring at the ocean, it made me feel very calmed and relaxed.
My advice for the girls who are going to do the same thing I did is to feel confident and try to know the students as good as possible. Each of them is different and likes to do different stuff, but once you get to understand them, you'll have a nice time together. I remember I was a bit worried about the cultural differences, but when you meet people you realise we're not so different from each other and you can get along with everyone, no matter where they're from. The country is really easy to manage, most people are very nice and respectful to you, I was delighted. And as if this experience wasn't enough, you will improve your English because you'll need to use it every day!!"

Education Level
College, University
Working hours per week
20 - 40
Type of Contract
Summer / Holiday Jobs, Internships, Placements
Salary indication
£250 Per Month
Responsible for
organising and participating in activities with young teens either as 1 to 1 or in a very small group
Type of Job
Sport / Adventure, Teaching / Instructors / Guides
Full UK/EU driving license preferred
Car Preferred
Must be eligible to work in the EU
Cover Letter Required

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