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Are you looking for teacher, instructor and guide jobs, you're in luck! If you have a passion for helping others and making a difference, you are certainly in the right place! Teaching jobs are a perfect way to test your skills and aid others to improve their knowledge and ability. It is an incredibly rewarding profession and enables you to show off your creativity too. StudentJob has a vast number of vacancies available from tutoring and teaching to babysitting and animal care. Sign up now to get your journey started.

Sport & Activity Instructors needed across the UK

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Summer Camp Jobs in America

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English Summer Camp Counsellor Italy, Austria & Germany 2020

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Online Part-time Tutoring & Teaching jobs across the UK

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Golden Opportunity - Part-time Tutoring & Teaching jobs across the UK

Camp Counsellor in Oxford

Summer Camp Counsellor in Cambridge

Take Surveys in the UK


Temporary full-time - Teach English to children in Italy at summer camps

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Students Ambassadors - Work from home (Business School Students)

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Hospitality / Business placements & TEFL positions available worldwide!

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Childcare Kids Club Entertainer

Online English Oral Tutor, £18-25/hr, Work From Home

Full-time one to one support additional languages in Cardiff