Leaving the nest: Studying very far from home.

One of the best things of being eighteen is the energy and the optimism you have while stepping outside the door of your home. The world seems a better place from the prospective of a young dreamer. This blind optimism drives every single young person who decides to leave home to start a new chapter of his life. I believe this is the very state of mind, which drives students into leaving their homes pursuing their dreams. It was for me, when I left my country, my family, and my friends three years ago. Stepping out of the place that has been my home for eighteen years seemed the right decision to start my own path in life. I’ve never seen university as an obligation but an opportunity, a chance to be better. However life is not a movie, reality strikes, and very hard on optimistic dreamers.

There is a sort of inner force inside all of us, which drives our actions to an end. I have always considered studying as an instrument to reach this aim. Deciding what you want to do in your life is not just a matter of reason but also of heart. This inner force should help us to make the right choice and give us the energy to fight for what we want. This is why I think university is not an obligation. We live in a very practical world but we shouldn’t forget to consider our feelings and passions. I am convinced motivation should be at the bases of our first steps toward education. It was for me, when I had to take one of the most difficult decisions in my life. Motivation, passion pushed me to leave the nest. 


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During my first year of university, I found myself in a world completely different from what I knew and from what I have expected. I am sure every student knows the struggle caused by the conflict between reality and dreams. Loneliness, homesickness are constants in the life of a student or at least, they were for me. My first year far from home was an inner battle between bad feelings and will of going on. Practical issues, like managing my finance or simply doing my first laundry, were daily problems that made me realize what life really is. That inner force was fainting, crushed by the real world. I’ve never imagined that it could be so hard. Being an adult can be, sometimes, exhausting. Everything was going wrong. I was without friends, away from my family, in a foreign country and with big problems with the language. The first assessments of that year went terrible and more than once, I thought of giving up.

The first year at university was indeed a bad period for me but was especially my occasion for awakening. When I decided to leave, it was because the world that I’ve lived in was imperfect compared to my expectations of the new one that I was aiming to. Soon I realized that there is only one world and that I have to live in it. I put aside my bad feelings, but also a part of my dreams, and I readapted myself to my new reality. Of course, a part of me still misses my old life and sometimes regrets leaving so much behind. Nevertheless, life is made of changing and I could start my second year at the university more willing to grow up.

Nowadays I’ve started to appreciate the small things like taking a coffee with one of my colleague or being praised by one of my teachers. While in the first year everything looked gloomy to me, now I try to find the good in everything. My dreams keep changing, evolving, and I with them. Before I had second thoughts about university but now I do not. With the right attitude university is a unique experience and an instrument to achieve something in life, to create and improve oneself.


  Letizia (21). London. English Literature Student.

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